Friday, 27 September 2013

Night time skincare routine

There's nothing I love more than taking my makeup off at the end of the day and smearing moisturiser all over my face.. but there are a few extra steps in my routine than just wiping off my makeup and moisturising my skin.

First up I love to massage the L'oreal skin perfection 15 second miracle cleansing oil all over my face until it's black from mascara and everything has been dissolved, I then run a flannel under hot water and wipe away the makeup. After I've done this step there's no visible makeup left on my face, this product does such a great job at removing makeup and the flannel adds a bit of manual exfoliation.

I then pat my face dry and for my second cleanse I use the Clarins pure melt cleansing gel which is such a beautiful product and I'm currently on my second tube! It starts off as a gel and when you massage it into the skin it turns into an oil, I clean the flannel I used before and wipe away the cleanser. When it comes into contact with water the oil turns into a milk, this cleanser makes my skin feel squeaky clean without leaving it skin tight, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturised.

I've steered clear of using facial scrubs and starting using chemical exfoliation, this is where the La roche-posay lotion astringent micro exfoliant comes in, this removes any left over makeup (which there never is) tightens my pores and exfoliates my skin.

Next up possibly the most hyped up skincare product in the blogging world Hydraluron, I apply this before my moisturiser and it leaves my skin feeling tacky which isn't the most appealing but I have noticed that my skin hasn't been as dehydrated since using this little gem.

Can you tell I like oils? I find that they work well with my skin and are an absolute pleasure to massage in! The trilogy certified organic rosehip oil adds a little bit of extra moisture to my skin and helps get rid of any scarring or lines I may have on my face, I've noticed such a difference in my skin since I've started using this!

finally and the least exciting part of my routine is my moisturiser, I'm currently using the Palmers cocoa butter night renewal cream and I can't say I love it, It's okay and does moisturise my skin but I certainly don't plan on repurchasing it, I'm currently looking for a night cream which won't break my bank yet does an effective job.

Any recommendations for a new night cream and exfoliating toner would be much appreciated!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Beauty, fashion, stationary and more haul!

Before I went back to college, I really wanted to go out shopping and pick up a few bits for when I went back! I didn't buy all of this at the same time, it was brought over the space of 2 months and my lovely boyfriend Aaron brought me a lot of it as well (Thankyou Aaron!)


As soon as I got paid I jumped onto the MAC website and ordered two of the retro matte lipsticks in all fired up and flat out fabulous - £15 each, because I absolutely fell in love with my RiRi Woo lipstick which I got in may.

I went into lush to pick up a lip scrub but I couldn't decide between mint julips of bubblegum... so I got both? - £5.50 each. I was disappointed because whenever I go to get the catastrophe cosmetic face mask they never have it in stock, so instead I thought I would try the brazened honey mask as It's one I haven't tried before - £5.95.

I took advantage of the superdrug 3 for 2 offer and picked up the sleek blusher in flushed - £4.29 (free)
Maybelline colour tattoo in metallic pomegranate - £4.99 and the bourjois colour boost lip crayon in red sunrise - £7.99 and then some essential bits I needed which were the bourjois 1 second nail polish remover - £4.99 and the batiste tropical dry shampoo - £1.48 which is currently half price and lost before I could take a photo of it... 
From primark I picked up some face clothes which I use to take my makeup off at night, and a pack of hair bands! - £1 each


Top on my shopping list was a new bag, and as soon as I saw this one little beauty in Topshop I knew it had to be mine, silly me forgot my student discount card and missed out on 20% that day, boo! I love the tan colour and how soft the "leather" is - Topshop £38

Because I was shopping for college I picked up some stationary, can I just say how damn cute the little panda highlighters are they all have different facial expressions and honestly how could I leave them behind? I didn't go overboard on stationary because I essentially have everything I need already.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm a complete sucker for candles and wax melts? well it's true and I've never had a chance to go to a yankee store before and smell every candle they have to offer so I was a bit excited when I could! The ones I picked up were Bahama breeze, Black coconut, Mango peach salsa and Red velvet - £1.20 each. 

I only noticed when I was taking the photos that all three tops I brought were red and grey? clearly loving that colour combination at the moment! 
Wonder woman raglan top - Primark £7
Coca cola top - Primark £6
Red and grey raglan top - Topman £15


Aaron so kindly brought me a new lens for my camera and some headphones! I'm in la la love with it.
I got the 50mm f/1.8 lens for my canon off amazon because it's so much cheaper on there!
skull candy headphones - £10 from HMV as Aaron had money left over on a gift voucher

Monday, 23 September 2013

Today I went back to college...

Today I went back to college, I have a feeling this week is going to drag a bit as the first week back always does especially after having a 4 month summer! I had three lectures today yet only went to one because for my TV production module they haven't found us a lecturer yet... naughty naughty! I do a university of surrey degree at my local college, it saves a lot of effort travelling each day and it's a heck of a lot cheaper so I never know whether or not to call it college or university? I opt for college because it is one? I was only in for an hour and a half and have spent the rest of my day browsing through twitter, instagram and playing a little bit of GTA! I'm a bit hooked on it! so it was a really nice chilled first day getting back into the swing of things.

What I basically wanted to say in this post was that I will be posting more reguarly as I will actually be back into a routine and not slumming around all day being lazy and I generally just felt like writing today so I've wrote up a couple of blog posts and I have a big haul that will be up later in the week, I'm just waiting on my mac order to arrive! I'm really hoping to have a day off from work/college this year as I didn't last year, I would love to have my pamper day sunday again! sigh...

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Blistex intensive moisturiser

I am a lip balm junkie, I can't seem to stop buying them and my collection is growing wild, and I would like to point out that I have never finished a lip balm... until now! the tube shown in the picture is actually my second tube, and that's running low... and yes I do have one as a back up for when this is finished! this is my go-to lip balm when my lips are cracked, chapped, dry, sore flakey and putting it bluntly looking like absolute crap. it is a cream forumla instead of a balm, which I actually really like, apart from the fact it leaves a white cast on your lips after you have used it so I personally wouldn't go out during the day with this on it's own, It's mainly a night time lip balm for me or if i'm at home, because lets face it I don't care what I look like when I'm at home. another added bonus to this product is that it has SPF 10 in it so it'll be a great product to take along with you on holiday. With a price tag of £2.63 for a lip balm that actually works after such a short amount of time, I'm over the moon. I think I will always have one of these in my collection.

what's your favorite lip blam?

Thursday, 19 September 2013

By terry Blush Velouté 01 Apple glow

By Terry say: "A powder-cream blush designed to highlight the apples of the cheeks with a healthy satin glow." 
I was kindly given the by terry Blush velouté £29.50 by my sister in law for helping her out with her makeup one day, these by terry blushes are a cream to powder finish which looks natural on my cheeks. What I like about this product is that the colour Apple glow is an extremely natural flush colour which just looks beautiful and glowy, I think that this would look amazing during any time of the year, as it's isn't a coral colour for summer, or extremely berry toned for winter. I agree with that By terry say about the satin finish because it glide on smoothly and feels like satin and doesn't feel tacky on my cheeks like i've experienced with other cream products! I'm usually not a fan of blush and don't get excited by it like most girls so when I tried this product and actually liked it I was pleasantly surprised! Now ill be honest, I do love this blush but would I pay £29.50 for it? no is the simple answer, I think it's way over priced for the product you're getting and you could find a brilliant drugstore cream blush that would do just as good a job as this product (Bourjois do excellent cream blushers)

Monday, 16 September 2013

La Roche-Posay Astringent lotion micro exfoliant

The la Roche-posay Astringent lotion micro exfoliant (what a mouthful!) is basically an exfoliating toner which you use after cleansing your face. I have always been a manual scrub kind of girl, I really like the St Ives apricot scrub yet since watching Caroline Hirons on Body talk I've decided to cut manual exfoliation out of my routine and stick to chemical exfoliation, mainly because I noticed I was getting slightly broken skin by using scrubs a lot. When I say chemical exfoliation I mean that this product contains Salicylic acid and fruit Acids, I know that sounds scary and as if it might burn your face off but honestly It's fine It just eats away at dead skin cells and leaves you with baby smooth skin. I've had this product in my skincare stash for a while and only used it when I broke out as I find it helps clear everything up yet recently I have been using this every night as a part of my night time skincare routine and I can see a difference already. I've found that since using this product every night my pores have reduced in size and look clearer but the best thing I have experienced is that I have always suffered with under the skin bumps/spots and they always made my skin feel slightly bumpy to touch but now when I touch my face it's completely smooth and I haven't felt the need to use a scrub to deep clean my face and I feel that that is down to using this product! I only use this at night because I'm currently using the Loreal micellar soloution in the morning because it's a lot gentler and I'm more than happy with just using an exfoliating toner once a day. I would just like to point out that this is quite a harsh product In my opinion, It has left me looking a tiny bit red before and it contains perfume and alcohol (not exactly great) so it wouldn't be too good for sensitive skin types. Would I repurchase this? probably! I'm all about trying new products so I don't think this would be on my to-buy list when I need a new toner... one product that's similar to this, yet apparently better because it doesn't contain perfume or alcohol and I'm dying to try is the Pixi glow tonic, but I can't find anywhere to get a hold of it? that's definitely a product on my wishlist when this runs out.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

The one and only tag

The Question: If you could only have one ______ what would it be? And, in a few words, why?

Benefit's The POREfessional Primer - This is my all time favorite primer, smoothes out my pores, it makes my makeup go on like a dream and It lasts forever

Base Product
Nars sheer glow foundation - I don't think I've ever tried a foundation that I love more than this, perfect colour match and coverage! although it's pricey I would rather pay extra on a product that will make my skin look good over anything else! 

Collection lasting perfection concealer - Cheap, brilliant coverage and I can use it under my eyes and on pesky blemishes.

Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder - I like that the transparent version of this powder has absolutely no colour to it and it keeps me matte all day!

Blush (cream or powder)
Benefit Bella Bamba - this is the only blush colour that I can hands down say that I really like on my face, most blushes make my face look weird but this is a beautiful warm mid tone pink that gives me the perfect flush of colour!

Benefit Hoola - I like that this bronzer has no shimmer to it at all and it's not too dark on my skintone, perfect for contouring and bronzing! I've had mine since may last year and i've only hit pan last month and I use it nearly every single day! 

Soap and glory Glow all out - I like that this highlighter gives you a nice sheen to your face and it has no large chunks of glitter in it, it's also a nice pinky gold colour instead of white / cream so it's a bit of a warmer tone.

Make-Up Brush (single)
The Real Techniques Buffing Brush - This was an obvious choice for me, I can't live without this brush now and I hate the times that i've had to apply my foundation with my hands when i've left it at home. it applies my foundation like a dream and blends everything together nicely.

Eyebrow Product
MAC charcoal brown eyeshadow - well, I know this is an eyeshadow but this it hands down the best product I've used on my brows, it makes them look well defined without being over the top, and did I mention it's a great colour match?

Eye shadow (single)
MAC all that glitters - A perfect all over the lid colour, it's a beige champagne with shimmer that makes your eyes pop. 

Maybelline lasting drama gel liner - I've used this product for over a year now and it's the best eyeliner I have ever tried, makes doing my winged eyeliner a piece of cake and it doesn't budge all day! 

Benefit they're real! - This mascara just gives you lashes that are full of volume and length, the brush is able to coat every hair so you're not left with clumpy lashes, although it's a pricey product I would definitely repurchase this product again and again. 

Lipstick, Lip Gloss or Lip Stain
Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in lovesick - My favorite lip product ever, I love how it makes my lips look and it lasts for hours! it's a very wearable bright pink that I often wear during the day

Lip Liner
I don't use lip liners, apart from one from max factor in "red rush" which I hardly use, I need to branch out more in this department, any cheap suggestions?

Lip Balm
Blistex intensive moisturiser - whenever I feel that my lips are in really bad condition I use this and by the next day I see results, moisturisers brilliantly but I wouldn't wear it during the day as it leaves a white cast on your lips.

Nail Polish
Essie ladylike - this is a polish I always go back to, I have to wear neutral colours for work anyway, but I adore this colour so much, very classic and natural looking! also, did I mention that with a top coat I can make this last a week? extra points for you there Essie! 

I tag everyone to do this! Don't forget to link me to your 'one and only' tag post so I can check out yours! 

Friday, 13 September 2013

My MAC eyeshadow quad

I would just like to apologise for the extremely scratched packaging on my mac quad, what can I say it's well loved! when I was making my quad I wanted to make it very multi use and i wanted to be able to just take away this palette and be happy with the eyeshadows I have. 

Shroom: Shroom is the latest colour to be added to my mac eyeshadow collection, I brought it so it can be used as an inner corner and possibly brow bone highlight although in my opinion it's a bit too shimmery to be used on the brow bone. Shroom is described as a soft beige with shimmer that has a satin finish, which is perfect for brightening up your eyes when you need a bit of a pick me up. I also think that this colour would look lovely all over the lid if you have a fair skintone.

All that glitters: Probably the most hyped up Mac eyeshadow in the online beauty community, This shade is a beautiful beige with gold/pearl, to me it looks like a peachy champagne kind of colour that's perfect for all over the lid. this is a colour I use almost everyday when I'm doing my makeup because it's such a pretty wearable shade that brightens up your eyes, I've heard ladies with all different skintones saying how much they love this eyeshadow, it's such a versatile shade.

Satin taupeI brought all that glitters and satin taupe together because of Tanya burr, it looked so gorgeous on her and she always recommended these colours. Satin taupe is described as a taupe with silver shimmer, I use this colour in different two ways, either all over the lid or to create a smokey eye by putting outer third of my eye and throughout the crease, I do really love this colour and use it a lot! 

Charcoal brown: A matte muted taupe brown and my favorite colour from the palette, which is strange considering it's probably the most boring looking colour from the palette? I use this for my eyebrows because it's not too warm toned and matches my eyebrows perfectly. I also use it in the crease and sometimes even all over the lid to give myself a brown smokey eye which I think will look gorgeous in the A/W months! for me charcoal brown is a very multi use colour for me and I love love love it.

I do want to work my way up to buying a 15 pan palette, and keeping the quad for colours I want to take with me on trips or throwing in my everyday makeup bag but that won't be for a while yet and it will take me a long time to fill up a 15 pan palette! I like that mac has such a wide variety of eyeshadow colours with all different finishes, (frost, matte, satin etc) all of the colours I have are highly pigmented and very easy to blend. the pro palette pan refills are £10 each and the quad costs £6.50. The next mac eyeshadow I'm looking to buy is woodwinked, pay day hurry up! 

What's your favorite mac eyeshadow? 

Monday, 9 September 2013

Beauty haul

Worlds worst blogger award goes to myself! I've used all of these products already, bad right? I can't seem to hold back the temptation, well at least the products aren't half empty!
Asda currently have an offer on NSPA products, two for £4 so I did a little mix and matching and brought the Peach shower gel, and the creamy coconut body spray and oh sweet baby jesus, both of these products smell incredible! I just wish that they did the peach scent in the body spray, that would be just snazzy, the coconut body spray smells divine, I like to layer it with my estee lauder bronze goddess perfume and I smell like summer all day.
whilst browsing the boots website (which may I add I too way too often) I noticed that hydraluron was 1/3 off bringing it down to £16.65, say what? bargain! Sadly it was sold out online and had to go to TWO boots shops before I could find it in stock, and whilst I was there I picked up the bourjois colour boost lipstick in Fuchsia libre, I was going to buy "peach on the beach" which cutest name ever, but in general I can't get peachy colours to work for my complexion so sadly I left that behind.
Oh benefit, how I love you and your quirky packaging and beautiful products... I repurchased the Benefit they're real! Mascara, and brought a creaseless cream shadow in R.S.V.P because at the moment I have an obsession with cream shadows... I don't know where it's sprung from or why.
Also, you can now see how small Rio really is... in the picture of him he's stood next to a 500ml bottle, what a cutie patootie.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Day out at Frensham ponds

Spontaneous trip to frensham ponds with the chums, I had such a lovely time sitting on the sand chatting, eating, laughing and having a cheeky little walk around in the water which was so warm! we went out quite late in the day, so we only got to spend a couple of hours there but because we all work in the same place it's difficult to find time when we're all off together... I'm sad to see summer ending, more days like this would have been perfect, but autumn is on it's way and so is snuggly jumpers, candles and sitting inside when it's chilly outside.
I'm hoping for a couple of more hot days this month for a few more "end of summer" trips to lakes and such! I'm currently now sat at home in my pjs with a cup of tea, perfect end to a perfect day!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

August instagram pictures

Mac goodies / uploaded my first youtube video / spray tan / got a new puppy 'Rio' / My other three chihuahuas / Baby Rio / Me and Aaron / Face mask / Me and Rio watching Tanya burr / Aarons nans 60th / Selfie / Night out with the girls / Brought Hydraluron / Kisses for Rio / Silly faces / Benefit they're real! 

On august the 8th it was also mine and Aaron's 4 year anniversary! forgot to take any pictures!
It's been a very up and down month for me, but I'm back at uni on the 23rd september so it's time to start buying stationary and all that jazz!
I'm looking forward to a new year at uni and actually getting back into a routine, although it does mean changing all my work/uni hours so it's going to be a bit stressful. sigh.

Monday, 2 September 2013

August favorites

I haven't really been using any new products in July, I have brought a few but I haven't tested them for long enough to say if I really love them or not.
One product that really stood out for me this month was the super facialist by Una Brennan tea flower deep clean clay mask £8.99 (currently £5.99 in boots) since I started using my mac studio fix fluid whilst I had a spray tan in july I felt as if it really clogged up my pores and my skin was looking dull, since using this face mask my complexion has brightened up and has drawn everything to the surface, I did come out with a few blemishes but I was expecting that.

since buying the vaseline spray and go body moisturiser £4.99 I haven't touched any of my other moisturisers, oops? I like how quick and easy it is and it smells incredible, my friend complimented me on how nice I smelt the other day after spraying this so that's always nice!

Mac bare study paint pot £15, I've noticed that my eyes are getting really sore and irritated again at the moment, resulting in my eyeshadow smudging off my eyes so I brought this to use as a base and it's kept my eyeshadow on for so much longer than it would have without it, I like the fact that this product dries to a powder finish very quickly so you're not waiting forever for the product to set.

By terry cream blush in 01 Apple glow £29.50 I was given this, and a lot of other goodies from my sister in law for helping her out with her makeup and I have used it every single day since I have had it in my possession, It's a natural flush colour that sets to a powder finish and it's absolutely amazing. it blends in easily and stays put all day, I'm not usually one to ramble on about how much I love blush because I generally don't... but this products a game changer for me.

Last but not least, the collection illuminating touch concealer £4.99 I've stopped using the collection lasting perfection concealer under my eyes because it wasn't brightening enough for me, I've heard a lot of good reviews about the illuminating touch concealer, and I have to agree with all of them, it's a lovely concealer! very brightening and helps hide my hideous dark circles and makes me look bright and awake.