Friday, 13 September 2013

My MAC eyeshadow quad

I would just like to apologise for the extremely scratched packaging on my mac quad, what can I say it's well loved! when I was making my quad I wanted to make it very multi use and i wanted to be able to just take away this palette and be happy with the eyeshadows I have. 

Shroom: Shroom is the latest colour to be added to my mac eyeshadow collection, I brought it so it can be used as an inner corner and possibly brow bone highlight although in my opinion it's a bit too shimmery to be used on the brow bone. Shroom is described as a soft beige with shimmer that has a satin finish, which is perfect for brightening up your eyes when you need a bit of a pick me up. I also think that this colour would look lovely all over the lid if you have a fair skintone.

All that glitters: Probably the most hyped up Mac eyeshadow in the online beauty community, This shade is a beautiful beige with gold/pearl, to me it looks like a peachy champagne kind of colour that's perfect for all over the lid. this is a colour I use almost everyday when I'm doing my makeup because it's such a pretty wearable shade that brightens up your eyes, I've heard ladies with all different skintones saying how much they love this eyeshadow, it's such a versatile shade.

Satin taupeI brought all that glitters and satin taupe together because of Tanya burr, it looked so gorgeous on her and she always recommended these colours. Satin taupe is described as a taupe with silver shimmer, I use this colour in different two ways, either all over the lid or to create a smokey eye by putting outer third of my eye and throughout the crease, I do really love this colour and use it a lot! 

Charcoal brown: A matte muted taupe brown and my favorite colour from the palette, which is strange considering it's probably the most boring looking colour from the palette? I use this for my eyebrows because it's not too warm toned and matches my eyebrows perfectly. I also use it in the crease and sometimes even all over the lid to give myself a brown smokey eye which I think will look gorgeous in the A/W months! for me charcoal brown is a very multi use colour for me and I love love love it.

I do want to work my way up to buying a 15 pan palette, and keeping the quad for colours I want to take with me on trips or throwing in my everyday makeup bag but that won't be for a while yet and it will take me a long time to fill up a 15 pan palette! I like that mac has such a wide variety of eyeshadow colours with all different finishes, (frost, matte, satin etc) all of the colours I have are highly pigmented and very easy to blend. the pro palette pan refills are £10 each and the quad costs £6.50. The next mac eyeshadow I'm looking to buy is woodwinked, pay day hurry up! 

What's your favorite mac eyeshadow? 

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