Sunday, 12 October 2014

The library of fragrance 'sex on the beach' perfume.

Whilst scrolling through twitter I saw someone tweet a picture of a library of fragrance perfume and was interested as it was simply named 'peach', a perfume with a single scent? to some that may sound boring but It got me interested. The library of fragrance's aim is to capture the scents that surround us everyday, and because their perfumes are focused around a single scent it means that they're easy to layer and to create your own scent by mixing the perfumes together! There are 101 different fragrances which are available in the UK from the library of fragrance website but 28 of their scents are sold in boots stores across the country, a lot of the scents sound delicious but they do have some odd ones such as pizza, dirt and play doh, I'm not sure why anyone would want to smell like any of those but they're interesting non the least! 

I picked up the 'sex on the beach' option and it's the most sickly sweet amazing perfume I have ever had the pleasure of smelling, It's described as an iced and inviting combination of Vodka, unsweetened Pineapple Juice, a touch of Raspberry liquor, a hint of Melon liquor and a splash of Cranberry, and as odd as it sounds you can actually slightly smell the alcohol in it but not in a bad way, think of a beautiful frozen cocktail, yum! I have found that the perfume lingers for a couple of hours but really sticks to clothing which I'm all for as it means it lingers for a lot longer.

I think that these 30ml bottles are perfect for popping into your handbag and using to spruce yourself during the day. I especially like how simple the bottles are and clearly display the name on the front, very minimalistic which suits the brand perfectly with their single noted perfumes! These perfumes are currently on a 2 for £25 offer in boots which I didn't take advantage of when I went but I'm thinking about picking up 'peach' and 'vanilla ice cream' on my next trip to boots as they smell divine!

What perfume from their range stands out the most to you?

Saturday, 11 October 2014

My 5 bad beauty habits

Applying body moisturiser is a step that I never used to skip, every time I got out of the shower I slavered myself in the stuff and then got into my pyjamas, but this year? not so much. In the summer applying a body lotion feels disgustingly sticky and I wasn't a fan and now that we're moving into the colder months I'm too cold to stand around waiting for my moisturiser to sink in, I just want to get straight into my pyjamas!

Cleaning my brushes is the bain of my life, I get a back ache standing over the sink and it's so time consuming, don't get me wrong I do wash my brushes but just not as often as I probably should... sorry if that's a little bit gross. I actually wanted to photograph my real techniques blush brush but it was dirty... coincidence, right?

Using toner, er I sort of can't remember the last time I actually used toner which is bad considering it's a step that can make a lot of difference to your skin! The main reason I haven't been using it is because I run out of cotton pads and couldn't be bothered to go buy some more...

Exfoliating my lips is something that i'm making more of an effort to do recently as my lips have been getting quite flakey, sorry I know that's gross but it happens to everyone! I have two of the lush lip scrips and i'm not even halfway through the first and i've had them since... december? they expire at the end of the year and I need to make my way through them before then!

I'm certain I'm going to have dry wrinkly hands when i'm old, using hand cream is something I forget to do all the time even when my hands are really dry, I use it once then forget about it and go back to it weeks later!

Do you have any bad beauty habits?

Thursday, 9 October 2014

What's in my bag? Fiorelli tan 'nikki' tote

Before I went back to college I decided I needed a new handbag as my old one was on it's last legs and it was time for a change. After searching the internet and stores for what seemed like forever I found the perfect bag for me, the Fiorelli tan nikki tote. The bag has three compartments and little pockets on the inside for your phone and all of that good stuff so if you're a little bit of an organisational freak like me then this bag's perfect. I'm not the kinda of person who likes to carry my whole life around with me but on days where I have college a few extra things get popped in like a notebook, external hard drive, student ID and all that good stuff.

I recently bought myself the tan purse from primark for just £5, even though it's cheap I think it was a sort of mulberry look about it and it's beautiful and once again has a lot of different compartments for cash, coins and cards! I know I probably shouldn't do this because of the magnetic waves of whatever it is from the cards, but a lot of the time I actually put my iPhone 6 inside my purse for extra protection and I'm scared it's going to get damaged and it fits perfectly in there. I also have my car and house key on my Cath Kidston key fob which I absolutely love as it makes finding your keys so much easier... and I also have a red pen, because you always need a pen.

Everything else in my bag is pretty much essential (yes, lipgloss is essential!) so I carry around some tissues and the body shop's strawberry anti bacterial hand gel, some chewing gum incase I eat something that's going to make my breath not-so-fresh and some anadin liquifast tablets as I get headaches a lot and I have found that these work the best for me as they get rid of the pain very quickly... and they're easy to swallow and i'm a complete baby when it comes to swallowing tablets! I always like to have a perfume or bodyspray handy in my bag and the perfume that's been in my bag for the past couple of months is the body shop's white musk smokey rose which is perfect because it's really small and the lid is secure and won't fall off, plus it smells beautifully deep and sensual... if that makes any sense?

Why yes, yes I do need two lanolips lip products in my bag as they're my favourite, I have the 101 ointment and the lemonaid lip aid and I would be lost without them. The last two items I have in my bag are Tanya Burr's lipgloss in 'chic' as it's the perfect glossy everyday nude and a mirror to apply said lipgloss!

Am I missing anything 'essential' from my bag? let me know! 

Monday, 6 October 2014

Rimmel wonder'full mascara with argain oil

Whilst browsing the beauty section in Asda I come across the Rimmel wonder'full mascara which is infused with argan oil and it's supposed to make your eyelashes softer... and more healthy looking? I can personally say I have never looked at my eyelashes and thought "they don't look healthy today" it's generally not something that women tend to look out for and I haven't noticed that my eyelashes are any softer...

I didn't even look at the wand/bristles or read reviews before buying this which is extremely unlike me, so I was completely blind to this mascara when I bought it. I was sucked in by the 'wonder'FULL' as I wanted thick, full lashes and I found that I do quite like the brush as it's the shape I'm most drawn towards when buying a mascara but the formula didn't perform as well as I was hoping, mainly because I was expecting big, voluminous lashes and whilst this mascara does make my lashes look fuller it's on more of a natural scale which just wasn't what I was looking for. I got the black option and it's very black and doesn't flake off onto my cheeks like other mascara's I have tried which is a plus because that's definitely not a good look. at all. This is a good mascara in the sense that it doesn't transfer under my eyes or onto my eyelids but I just had higher hopes for it. I don't really think there's much to say about this mascara as it's pretty average compared to others that I have tried, like I said it isn't a bad mascara by any means it just wasn't what I was looking for. 

Do you have any mascara recommendations for BIG, full and long lashes? 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

5 Weeks old puppy update!

If you follow me on twitter or instagram then you would have seen these two adorable little munchkins pop up quite frequently, as I haven't posted anything on my blog about them since they were newborn I think it's about time I updated you on them. They're now 5 weeks old (pushing 6) and are eating puppy food which is giving their mum Peppa a bit of a well deserved break because they're a complete handful.

My two little puppies have actually been name-less up until they were 5 weeks old so the little boy's name is Charlie and his sister's name is Lola! They're completely different looks wise and personality, Charlie's fur has lightened up majorly since he was born and he seems to be getting lighter day by day, but he's kept his dark face which makes me think he's going to look a lot like his mother but lighter. Charlie is adventurous, playful and quite honestly a little bit clingy to me, he constantly wants to be held for cuddles or play, he was the first to leave the 'nest' and wander around. He's definitely the more outgoing out of the two but that might just be his ego for being first born!

Lola, my timid little girl! Compared to her brother she's quite shy but she's equally as playful and loving. She gets scared a lot easier and isn't a very tough cookie. It took her a lot longer to venture out of the nest and run around with the other dogs but now she's out there's no stopping her. She's very greedy and loves her food, she keeps trying to steal the bigger dogs treats off them by acting cute then swooping in and stealing their goods. Lola's fur has also lightened up but she's kept her rich chocolate brown coat, but she's now got cream paws and underneath which looks absolutely gorgeous. One thing that we're completely thrown by is the colour of her eyes, they're a mix of brown and blue and are beautiful and slightly odd we're unsure if they're going to go brown or blue or stay as both!

They're both currently going through the whole house training process which is so so so long, but they'll get there eventually but they're being good and peeing on the puppy pads most of the time... naughty. I'm currently writing this on their mum's 5th birthday (5th october 2014) for their 5 week update so there's a whole lot of 5's going on today! I absolutely love these little guys and can't stop taking photos of them.