Sunday, 12 October 2014

The library of fragrance 'sex on the beach' perfume.

Whilst scrolling through twitter I saw someone tweet a picture of a library of fragrance perfume and was interested as it was simply named 'peach', a perfume with a single scent? to some that may sound boring but It got me interested. The library of fragrance's aim is to capture the scents that surround us everyday, and because their perfumes are focused around a single scent it means that they're easy to layer and to create your own scent by mixing the perfumes together! There are 101 different fragrances which are available in the UK from the library of fragrance website but 28 of their scents are sold in boots stores across the country, a lot of the scents sound delicious but they do have some odd ones such as pizza, dirt and play doh, I'm not sure why anyone would want to smell like any of those but they're interesting non the least! 

I picked up the 'sex on the beach' option and it's the most sickly sweet amazing perfume I have ever had the pleasure of smelling, It's described as an iced and inviting combination of Vodka, unsweetened Pineapple Juice, a touch of Raspberry liquor, a hint of Melon liquor and a splash of Cranberry, and as odd as it sounds you can actually slightly smell the alcohol in it but not in a bad way, think of a beautiful frozen cocktail, yum! I have found that the perfume lingers for a couple of hours but really sticks to clothing which I'm all for as it means it lingers for a lot longer.

I think that these 30ml bottles are perfect for popping into your handbag and using to spruce yourself during the day. I especially like how simple the bottles are and clearly display the name on the front, very minimalistic which suits the brand perfectly with their single noted perfumes! These perfumes are currently on a 2 for £25 offer in boots which I didn't take advantage of when I went but I'm thinking about picking up 'peach' and 'vanilla ice cream' on my next trip to boots as they smell divine!

What perfume from their range stands out the most to you?


  1. I just love how natural the perfumes are :) I have Pina Colada and really want to add more to my collection they are gorgeous! lovely review x

  2. This sounds amazing, I'd heard of the brand but didn't realise they did such unique flavours like this!

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