Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Nuxe Rêve De Miel lip balm

The Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm is beyond hyped up in the beauty community, I'm a bit of a lip balm fanatic so I couldn't help myself any longer and decided to try it myself. First of all, it smells like Terrys chocolate orange, Which just so happens to be one of my favourite chocolates so obviously I'm not going to complain about that! It has a really thick consistency and beautiful glass packaging which feels and looks really luxurious, But... I personally just can't see what all of the hype is about, yes it's a nice lip balm but to me it just feels heavy on my lips and the almost matte finish doesn't feel as nourishing as other lip balms that I have tried. I've started using this product only at night because it just feels way too heavy for day-to-day use. I don't think i'll repurchase this because my EOS lip balms and Carmex do a better job for me and they're a lot cheaper, Obviously I will finish it because it is a nice lip balm, I just have a few problems with it, first of all being that the Nuxe Rêve de Miel is £9.50 which I think is overpriced for the product you're getting. This is really just down to personal preference, a lot of people love this product and it might work for you, but in my opinion it isn't worth the money.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Kringle Candle haul

If you know me then you will know that I have a slight obsession with candles... I originally went onto the Kringle candle website to look for some more breakable wax potpourri, because I prefer them so much more to the yankee wax tarts, it's easier to break off and they generally have some gorgeous scents! But as always I got sucked into some deals they were doing "Buy one large crystal 2 wick pillar candle and get 10 free votives worth £21 something!" ... obviously I caved and did it because I lack any self restraint. In the photo I've only included 8 of the votives because I couldn't stand the smell of the other two they included 'Bayberry' and 'Pumpkin spice' which my mum loves so she's now the proud owner of those two! I'm not a fan of spicey scents in the slightest, I love sweet and fruit smells... But I love all of the other scents that were included so she's not getting any of those!

I've been looking for a candy cane scented candle for so long, minty and sweet... mmmm! I couldn't find one on Yankee candle so hallelujah when I found 'Peppermint Kiss' On kringle candle! I got a little bit excited by this, even without ever having smelt the candle I brought it in the breakable wax potpourri as well and I'm so glad I did, it's such a beautiful sweet smell! If you don't like sweet smells then stay away from this, and it's sickly sweet! I also chose 'Freestone peach' which is so lovely I'm thinking of buying it in a large candle and 'Watermelon' which is a clean fruity smell which just reminds me of summer! I've never had a Kringle candle before, only the wax so I'll have to report back on how well it burns but I've heard that they had some relation to Yankee candle before, so I have high hopes for it!

Crystal pillar 2-wick Large candle: £21.99
Breakable wax potpourri: £2.15
15 Hour votives: £2.15

Friday, 22 November 2013

L'oréal Texture styling volume supersizing spray

So my hair is limp, flat and generally dull... I've tried a few texturising sprays and I've found nothing that compares to this. The Loreal texture styling volume supersizing spray (phew that's a mouthful) is a spray which reminds me of a dry shampoo but it doesn't leave a white cast on my hair. I spray this all around my roots and massage it in with my fingers and it creates so much volume, without leaving my hair stiff or sticky, I also spray this through the ends of my hair and it gives is so much texture and ooomph! To me this spray just gives me 'Day old hair' where it's easier to work with and not fluffy, but without the heavy, dirty feeling that some sprays can leave behind. This is what I imagined the Oribe dry texturising spray to be like, but I can't give my opinion on that because I haven't tried it, so this could be a drug store alternative? I uploaded a picture onto my instagram after just using this product and I got a comment from a friend of mine asking how I get so much volume in my hair... pretty much says it all really! Overall I'm very impressed with this product, I've loved all of the texturising sprays i've tried from L'oreal but this is by far my favourite. At the moment selected L'oréal is on a 2 for £4.50 offer in boots which is a great deal considering they're normally £3.79 each!

Monday, 18 November 2013

FOTD | Everyday / University

When I'm just going to college and not doing anything interesting I stick to the same makeup on an everyday basis, as it's fuss free and I know it'll look decent in the end. Lets face it, I'm a full coverage kind of girl... I don't like anything sheer because i'm not that brave, at the moment I'm using the Laura Mercier silk creme foundation which is a dream on my skin, it doesn't feel heavy and a little goes a really long way, it's highly pigmented so you don't need a lot to do your whole face and get a decent coverage, and of course if I have any blemishes I'll cover them up with the collection lasting perfection concealer, which I also use under my eyes along with the Bobbi Brown corrector. A little bit of bronzer and highlight also helps my face look more alive and not so flat after I've powered everything down.
Everyday I just use one eyeshadow quad, my mac palette because it has my perfect eyebrow shade with doubles up as a crease colour (Charcoal brown) two all over the lid colours (All that glitters, Woodwinked) and a highlight (Shroom). Finally some winged out eyeliner and some mascara and I'm done, sometime's I'll add a lipstick like the bourjois shine edition as it's comfortable and easy to wear.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Pamper evening routine

Hello lovelies! A new video from a couple of days ago, my pamper night routine :) I decided to leave the hair mask, hair washing stuff out of this video so I hope you enjoy!


So I'm pretty sure we've all heard of Hydraluron now, right? I picked it up a couple of months ago when it was 1/3 off from boots as I couldn't justify spending the whole £24.99 on a product I wasn't sure I would even like, but as always curiosity got the better of me. The whole point of this product is that you apply it prior to your moisturiser and it holds 1000x it's weight in water, pretty impressive! It's capable of doing this from it's high levels of hyaluronic acid which is an ingredient which is really well known for retaining water and having high moisturising capabilities. When you first apply it, it sinks into your skin and leaves behind a tacky feeling which isn't pleasant what-so-ever but this goes as soon as your pop your moisturiser on top of it.

I started using Hydraluron and began to get annoyed as I wasn't seeing a difference, everyone was claiming it does amazing things to your skin yet I was noticing nothing, had I really spent so much money on a useless product? oh no... how wrong I was, after a month of constant use I noticed that my skin didn't feel dehydrated at all or lack lustre, it looked plump and healthy. To put hydraluron to the test, to definitely make sure it was this product that was making my skin look so good I stopped using it for 2 weeks, during that time I noticed I had a bit of flakey skin on my forehead and my skin's texture felt more rough rather than the baby smooth skin I was now used to! Now that i'm back to using this product everything's back to normal and I'm happy. I do think you have to take a break from it to notice the amount of good it's doing for your skin, will I purchase it again? yes, of course but I think I'll wait until it's on 1/3 off again before I do!

Monday, 4 November 2013

31st October 2013 | Aarons graduation / Halloween

On halloween Aaron graduated for university and seeing as it was halloween we celebrated by going out clubbing dressed up! I had to be up at 6:15 on my day off... crazy! If you don't know... Aaron's the guy in the spiderman outfit and it was a dandy night indeed! I was supposed to be a zombie convict but hey... I got a bit carried away with makeup and just ended up having a white sewn on face looking all black and white!? I've also noticed that these are the first photos I've uploaded with my hair lighter, yay for not having black hair anymore!