Friday, 26 September 2014

Lately I've been buying...

I would just like to make a formal apology to my bank account... I'm sorry, I don't mean to abuse you by constantly racking down your funds but I have no will power and like pretty things. I did a fair bit of overtime before going back to college and decided to treat myself because why the hell not? I will add I have also bought a new bag and purse but they will be featured in another post later this week (what's in my bag anyone?) but as you can see that's not all I got. 

first up, you may see a shiny new iPhone 6 in there... yep, I finally said goodbye to my iPhone 4S and decided to take out my first contract and get myself a 16GB gold iPhone 6 and it's bloody beautiful I'm so glad I got it as it's such an upgrade from my 4S! Moving away from my little outburst of love for my new iPhone and onto the beauty bits I also saw the models own hypergel gift set on the superdrug website which contains 10 10ml shades which is essentially the whole hypergel collection that are a tiny bit smaller at just £15 and i've done a blog post all about it that includes swatches (link). If you spend over £10 on the superdrug website you get free delivery so I thought I would take advantage of this so I also decided I would try out two makeup revolution blushers that I have had my eye on for a while, so I got the cream blush in 'frambroise shake' £1.50 and the vivid baked blush in 'all I think about is you' £2.50 ... they're so cheap! for that price they're not going to break the bank and I have heard a lot of good things about makeup revolutions as a brand and I would just like to say that I have tried out the cream blush and pretty much everything else in this haul and it's lovely and long lasting!

I think I was the only beauty blogger who hadn't tried one of Tanya burr's lip glosses £6.99 because I have never been a big fan of them, i've only ever had bad experiences where they're too sticky and get stuck in my hair so I needed to change that and the shade 'chic' stood out to me the most from Tanyas collection so in my basket it went! There has also been a lot of hype surrounding the Maybelline velvet matte lip pencils £4.99 and I was after a matte, everyday pink that's not too noticeable and I struck gold with the shade 'minimalist'. Finally and probably my favourite makeup item I have picked up in a long while is the Stila smudge stick stay all day eyeliner in 'lionfish' £13 oh sweet baby jesus, I was not expecting much from this when I swatched it... I was browsing the Stila stand in marks and spencers and I was on the hunt for a brown eyeliner, so I swatched it and thought 'oh that's pretty' as it's a rich dark brown with golden flecks in it but it's when I tried rubbing it off that the magic happened, it didn't budge at all, not even when I wet my finger - that's when I knew it had to be mine! expect a review of this soon because i'm completely smitten with it. 

Have you bought anything recently - if so, what?

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