Wednesday, 24 September 2014

£15 Models own hypergel collection from superdrug!

If you hadn't already guessed from the post title superdrug are selling the full set of 10 models own hypergel nail polishes in a gift set for £15, the bottles are slightly smaller at 10ml instead of the standard 14ml but when the polishes retail for £5 each it's a great deal, If you bought every polish in the set for full price it retails for £50... excuse me? what a bargain, especially for a good quality nail polish! I like that the shades in this set are smaller as it's a great way to try out the shades before buying the full size, I already own the shade lilac sheen and it's a beautiful, glossy nail polish that's perfect for spring / summer. I know typically the shades in this set are more suited for the warmer months, but who really listens to that whole 'pastels for spring and darks for autumn' malarky anyway? I wear what nail polish I want when I want. I'm thinking about buying a couple of more of these as they'll make great christmas or birthday presents as they come in quite a cute box

The swatches above are shown with two coats of each nail polish and you can see that they're completely opaque and glossy which give the perfect 'I look like I have gel nails but really don't' look. The shades choices aren't really anything wow as they're typical shades that you can find from other brands but when it comes down to the formula, the models own hyper gel polishes win.

What do you think of this gift set?


  1. What a great deal, so many orgoeus shades :)
    xxx Claire

  2. What an amazing little set, as you say it would make a great Christmas present or birthday gift. I wouldn't mind at all that they're slightly smaller, it's still a complete bargain and to be honest in a set like this I don't think you need full sizes, there's only so much nail varnish you can actually use! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty