Friday, 14 June 2013

Current beauty favorites

For me, the month of may was a stressful but amazing month, I found that I had not enough hours in the day to finish all of my coursework and was under a lot of pressure from uni, although through all of that It was my 19th birthday and I discovered a lot of products which I fell in love with, and rediscovered old products which I loved! I felt that this post is a bit too late to be a "May favourites" post, considering we're halfway through june already... what?! where is the time going!

Estee Lauder bronze godess 100ml - "Holiday in a bottle" Is how this perfume is described and I 100% agree with that, it smells gorgeous! like coconut and all things summer!

The body shop Vineyard Peach body lotion - May for me was all about moving away from heavy scents and into fruity summer fragrances, the peachy smell lingers on your skin all day and the lotion sinks in almost instantly!

Nivea lip butter, Vanilla & Macadamia - I apply this before doing my makeup, so that my lips and prepped for lipstick and it brilliant for keeping my lips in tip top condition

NARS sheer glow foundation - My new love. how have I only just discovered this in may? I have a full review of this here and it's become my new all time favourite foundation. can't praise this product enough!

Maybeline colour tattoo on and on bronze - Mays rediscovery! I kept wondering to myself why I stopped using this... i've been applying it as a base under my mac duo and it makes the colours pop fantastically!

Bobbi brown corrector - My birthday treat to myself, I also have a full review of this here amazing product for covering dark circles

MAC all that glitters & satin taupe - I haven't worn any other colours on my eyelids all month, i've also made a hefty dent in both of the colours and i've only had them for a month... thumbs up for mac eyeshadows!

The body shop vanilla perfume - Vanilla is my all time favourite scent (apart from bronze goddess) so I brought myself this to help keep my away from my estee lauder perfume and i'm extremely glad I purchased this! it smells amazing and stays on all day

Boots ingredients coconut & almond leave in conditioner - I don't know why this product isn't raved about? I have about one use left in the bottle and it smells INCREDIBLE and makes your hair so soft! all month I've had woman complimenting me on my hair saying how shiney it is, since I've started using this again. when I went to repurchase this it wasn't in stock, I'm going to go cold turkey without it.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Review | Sleek face form kit (light)

This is a product I've wanted to get my hands on for a long time, this product was previously known as the sleek "contour kit" but it had a bit of a revamp and is now the sleek "face form" kit, as it now includes a blush in the shade rose gold (dupe for nars orgasm) this kit retails at £9.99 from superdrug, which is amazing when you think that you're getting a bronzer, highlighter and blush in a snazzy little compact, with a huge mirror? brilliant! I always get a little giddy over the sleek packaging, the matte black finish with glossy writing? simple and right up my street!

Last year, I purchased the Nars laguna bronzer/orgasm blush duo in a gift set which cost £35 and I find it SO hard to use because the compact is extremely tiny and I find it hard to get a brush to fit into the pans... definitely not the problem with this though! the pan sizes are quite large, so they're easy to access, I will be getting a lot more use of this kit than the nars one, that's for sure. one thing I love about this product is the fact that the bronzer is completely matte, which I think is difficult to find in highstreet/drugstore bronzers as they're usually packed with glitter... if you're going to contour, don't use a bronzer with glitter in as we wan't to create the illusion of a shadow... glitter doesn't do that! also, I find that highstreet bronzer are very orange and not very flattering at all, whereas this is a nice medium brown, which doesn't make your face look dirty, or orange in the slightest.
now... where do I even start with the highlighter? it's a beautiful champagne colour with finely milled silver glitter running through it, I'm not a fan of overly glowy faces, and I was worried that this highlighter was going to make me look greasy and shiny, like other highlights i've tried but I found that this one wasn't over powering at all and just gave the skin a healthy, comfortable sheen and i'm so in love with it! I've never tried a highlighter this good! All three are extremely pigmented, blend easily and compliment each other fantastically. and of course the rose gold blush is a beautiful colour which I think would suit most skin tones.

If you're on a budget, or want a great little kit that's perfect for travelling I suggest giving this a whirl, I'm going away for a week on the 22nd June and these will be the only bronzer/highlight/blush coming along with me to help save room, and due to the fact it's a brilliant product! I'm going to pick up a few more products from sleek, maybe an eyeshadow palette? I'm looking forward to trying more from this brand.

What's your favourite sleek product, any recommendations? 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Review | Nars sheer glow foundation

*Picture of foundation after 5 hours of wear*

Nars claim that the sheer glow foundation is "A glowing, satin-finish foundation with a sheer and buildable coverage that immaculately evens out skin tone" and I would just like to say that Nars have hit the nail on the head with that statement, apart from the fact that I do feel like the foundation is definitely a higher coverage than sheer, more of a medium - buildable (which I 100% prefer)
I got this foundation because I was having a look on Unidays and noticed that ASOS had a 20% off  deal, including beauty products with free delivery which knocked down the price down from £30.50 to  £24.40... even though it's only a few pounds, I seemed to justify the price in my head and brought it instantly! I've never been matched to this foundation at a counter, I went onto the "findation" website and it matched me to the shade "Deauville" and this is the PERFECT foundation shade for me, I have never found a foundation that has matched my skin tone better than this! to test out the staying power I went to work for an 8 hour shift, with no primer or fix+ spray on and by the end of my shift, it still looked almost perfect, I was seriously amazed! usually my foundation rubs off on my chin/nose at work due to having a slightly oily T-zone, but nope not from this little beauty! now... one thing I would like to have a moan about is the packaging, why does this foundation not come with a pump? I know you can buy one separately but considering the price you would think that Nars would include one? I'm not a fan of pouring straight from the bottle as I feel like you use way more product than you need to! 
At the moment, I would go as far as saying that this is one of my all time favourite foundations, as I look forward to that subtle healthy glow that this gives me everyday!

have you tried this foundation? what are your thoughts on it?