Friday, 14 June 2013

Current beauty favorites

For me, the month of may was a stressful but amazing month, I found that I had not enough hours in the day to finish all of my coursework and was under a lot of pressure from uni, although through all of that It was my 19th birthday and I discovered a lot of products which I fell in love with, and rediscovered old products which I loved! I felt that this post is a bit too late to be a "May favourites" post, considering we're halfway through june already... what?! where is the time going!

Estee Lauder bronze godess 100ml - "Holiday in a bottle" Is how this perfume is described and I 100% agree with that, it smells gorgeous! like coconut and all things summer!

The body shop Vineyard Peach body lotion - May for me was all about moving away from heavy scents and into fruity summer fragrances, the peachy smell lingers on your skin all day and the lotion sinks in almost instantly!

Nivea lip butter, Vanilla & Macadamia - I apply this before doing my makeup, so that my lips and prepped for lipstick and it brilliant for keeping my lips in tip top condition

NARS sheer glow foundation - My new love. how have I only just discovered this in may? I have a full review of this here and it's become my new all time favourite foundation. can't praise this product enough!

Maybeline colour tattoo on and on bronze - Mays rediscovery! I kept wondering to myself why I stopped using this... i've been applying it as a base under my mac duo and it makes the colours pop fantastically!

Bobbi brown corrector - My birthday treat to myself, I also have a full review of this here amazing product for covering dark circles

MAC all that glitters & satin taupe - I haven't worn any other colours on my eyelids all month, i've also made a hefty dent in both of the colours and i've only had them for a month... thumbs up for mac eyeshadows!

The body shop vanilla perfume - Vanilla is my all time favourite scent (apart from bronze goddess) so I brought myself this to help keep my away from my estee lauder perfume and i'm extremely glad I purchased this! it smells amazing and stays on all day

Boots ingredients coconut & almond leave in conditioner - I don't know why this product isn't raved about? I have about one use left in the bottle and it smells INCREDIBLE and makes your hair so soft! all month I've had woman complimenting me on my hair saying how shiney it is, since I've started using this again. when I went to repurchase this it wasn't in stock, I'm going to go cold turkey without it.

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  1. I love Estee Lauders Bronzed Goddess!! It smells SO good!!