Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Balm Nude'tude palette

The balm nude'tude palette has been on my wishlist for the longest time, and Aaron decided to pick it up for me at christmas, the palette contains 12 eyeshadows which are mostly neutral shades apart from the shade sexy which is a dark maroon. the eyeshadows come in a sleek, hard palette with a big mirror. there are 9 glitter shades and 3 matte shades in the palette. I think that the top row of colour are more cool toned, and the bottom row is full of warm toned eyeshadows. This did come with a dual ended brush which I lost the first day I actually got it... oops! This palette is available here from Feel Unique for £26 and this product was the first time i've dipped my toes into the brand that is TheBalm, I want to try a few other products from this brand but that'll have to wait!

Sassy is a white shade containing silver glitter, it's perfect for brightening up the inner corner or adding a bit of light or glitter to a darker eyeshadow. 

Stubborn is a peachy pink shade, this reminds me of all that glitters but more on the pink side and it's great for an all over wash of colour on the eyelids. this shade also has silver glitter running through it.

Selfish Is a pretty cool toned taupe with glitter, this is also a really nice all over the lid colour or the perfect base for a smokey eye. 

Sophisticated is a rich chocolate brown with gold glitter, this is one of my favourite shades from the palette, I personally love a good brown smokey eye and this is the perfect shade for deepening up an eye look.

Sexy is a matte deep maroon, in the palette there's a few flecks of glitter on the pan but that's just where glitter has fallen from another shade onto it, I've always been a bit scared to add colour to my eye makeup and this is a nice subtle colour which I love putting in the outter corner to add that little something extra to my makeup.

Serious Is a matte black shade, I love it when neutral palettes add a black shade into them, I feel that's when a palettes complete, because you can use this shade to turn your eye makeup from day to night, or use it on the lash line as eyeliner, or to give the illusion of thicker, darker lashes. 

Snobby is a very yellow toned gold, even though it's very yellow I think it's an exremely wearable shade and looks really pretty on. 

Stand-offish Looks a lot like the shade 'kitten' by Stila and this is my favourite colour from the palette, it's a more warm toned alternative to stubborn, 

Sultry is a medium matte brown which is perfect for the crease, this isn't a very unique colour as it's seen in a lot of other palettes from other brands, but none the less it's the perfect colour to have in a palette because it will always be a colour that's handy or needed. 

Seductive is a shade I can't get enough of, and it reminds me of one of my all time favourite eyeshadows 'woodwinked' by mac so if that's a shade that you want to try but can't justify the £10ish for 1 eyeshadow then I highly suggest getting this palette, because you get 12 beautiful eyeshadows for the price of just nearly 3 mac eyeshadows... say what? 

Silly doesn't have the best colour pay off in comparison to the other shades, and it's got a lot of chunky glitter running through it, it's a gorgeous colour in the pan but it doesn't transfer like that onto the eyelids. 

Sleek is a very dark verging on black, rich brown with slight glitter running through it, it's an almost matte finish as it has very slight glitter running through it, I think this is a good alternative if you don't want to deepen up your makeup look with a black, but have something slightly softer instead. 

Only when I was writing the names down in this blog post did I actually notice that all of the eyeshadow names begin with S... I've been too distracted by the beautiful colours to even notice the names. All of the shades have brilliant pigmentation and are buttery smooth to apply, apart from Silly which lacks colour pay off slightly, the glitter doesn't transfer onto the eyes which is slightly disappointing when it's cram packed with glitter in the pan. The thing I love the most about this palette is how versatile the colours are, you can create so many different looks from the eyeshadows whether it's a simple day time look or a feisty smokey eye.

I have used this Everyday since christmas and I'm in la-la-love with it, it was well worth the year wait to get it and I will probably be taking this palette when I go to Canada in August... planning my makeup bag already, that's not weird is it? probably...

What's your favourite eyeshadow palette?


  1. I really want to try this! I also really want to try Stila's In The Light palette, and Naked 1.
    Yep, I'll be waiting a LONG time before I can purchase all of those... haha. xx

    1. you should definitely get it! I could never decide If i wanted the stila in the light palette, or TheBalm Nude'tude palette, so Aaron pretty much chose for me haha :) Naked 1 is next on my list, not feeling the whole naked 3 palette hype! xx

  2. I really like theBalm eye palettes - we bought my sister the Bon Jovi face palette as her first bit of 'proper' makeup (i.e. non natural collection) this Christmas and I was seriously impressed by the quality!

    1. I haven't seen the Bon jovi face palette, i'll need to have a look at that! they're such good quality, I think they're just as good as the urban decay eyeshadows :)

  3. I've been using this palette after getting it for an awesome prices when it was on sale. I absolutely love it too! I use it almost everyday :)


    1. Whaaaat! I didn't know it was in the sale, it's such a beautiful palette though :)