Sunday, 11 May 2014

Lanolips Lemonaid lip aid

 If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram then you probably would have seen me declare my love for the Lanolips lemonaid lip aid. The lanolin used in Lanolips products is made with 70% ultra medical grade lanolin so it's of a higher quality than typical lanolin so the benefits are more noticeable, it is also used to treat medical wounds in hospitals so it has some pretty nifty healing benefits. as well as the high percentage of lanolin it also contains almond oil and bees wax which helps moisturise your lips and makes them nice and smooth, there's also citric acid in the organic lemon oil helps naturally exfoliate the lips and gets rid of dry skin. even though Lanolips main ingredient is lanolin which is essentially the grease from sheeps wool *cue gagging sounds* their products are 100% cruelty free as it's just extracted from the wool that has been sheered off from the sheep.

I seem to have naturally dry lips that always need some form of product on them to keep them nice and smooth I thought I would give Lanolips a try. I found that the product melts into my lips and sticks around for a long time and doesn't have a tacky texture that makes me wants to wipe it off instead it just melts comfortably into my lips, the texture is quite thick which means it can be hard to get out of the tube if it's cold but I like to apply it onto my finger and then onto my lips as the applicator is hard plastic and not really comfortable to apply straight to the lips, especially with the consistency being so thick. The lemonaid lip aid also contains 1% shimmer so it gives a slight glossy finish that makes your lips look plump and healthy.

I'm not normally a fan of lemon scents but this smells absolutely delicious as it's a sweet scent and not a typical sour lemon smell, it smells just like lemonade as the name would suggest. This has quickly become one of my favourite products of 2014 so far as I love how smooth and soft it makes me lips feel, I have a feeling i'm going to get through this tube very quickly. I have had my eye on the Lanolips banana balm for such a long time, but instead I picked the lemonaid lip aid up on a whim because it was the first time I had seen it in a store. If you can't already tell I'm very glad I picked it up as my lips have never been in such good condition.

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