Thursday, 25 July 2013

FOTD | Bronze goddess

for me this is an extremely natural makeup look, Infact, anything that doesn't include eyeliner looks natural on me! with all the hot weather we've had recently I've been opting for bronze eyeshadows, and it looks good against my fake tan, although I do tan really easily I just hate sitting out in the sun.
also, less is more in the hot weather as I don't really want to feel as if my face is melting off my face in sun, and lets face it when your foundations all melted out of place it isn't a good look.

The look itself is extremely simple all of the colours used were from the Urban decay naked 2 palette, first of all I used "chopper" all over the lid, with "snakebite" blended into the outter corner and crease, I used a tiny bit of "half baked" in the centre of the lid to brighten it up a bit and not forgetting "bootycall" as an inner corner and brow highlight! also to make my lashes a bit fuller I used "blackout" along my top lash line, I think it's also clear from my photos that I need to invest in a pair of eyelash curlers...

On my skin: Nars sheer glow foundation, bobbi brown corrector, collection lasting perfection concealer, rimmel stay matte powder, benefit hoola bronzer, soap and glory glow all out, maybelline the falsies mascara and mac charcoal brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows

What's your favorite urban decay eyeshadow? 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Review | NYX Soft matte lip creams

The hype surrounding the NYX soft matte lip creams has been huge, beauty bloggers have been raving about them and I was sure I wasn't going to fall into the hype... until Kassia from styleofbeautyduo raved about them, and then that was it, I ordered two within minutes of watching her video. can I just say that these are incredible! The forumla is really creamy and easy to apply but shock horror, it's matte... typically not something you would expect from such a creamy forumla? I wore San paulo on a night out and only had to reapply it once, they're extremely long lasting and when they do fade it's even and not patchy, and they sort of smell like vanilla cupcakes? always a bonus! I love them so much I would even go as far as saying that San paulo is my new all time favorite lip product! I find milan a little too light pink on my skin tone, but I think it would look lovely on paler skin tones. I already have my eye on three other colours which with no doubt will be joining my makeup collection soon...

what are your thoughts on these lip creams?

Sunday, 14 July 2013

25 Random facts about me

So i've haven't been doing this blogging malarky for very long, and I haven't really spoken about myself so I thought I would do a snazzy little post which is more personal about myself, Maybe you'll get to know me a bit better this way? 

1. The first time I bunked school I got caught... because there was a gas leak in my house and I needed to go to hospital, when my mother phoned the school to ask to collect me I wasn't there... oops?

2. I have a phobia of the feel of Mcdonalds cup holders.

3. I've been with my first love, Aaron for 4 years in August :)

4. I have 6 brothers and no sisters, I'm also the youngest.

5I live next door to one of my older brothers. 

6. I become an aunty when I was 3 years old, and I’m now a great aunty.

7. I have white patches (pigmentation) on my back and sides, I used to be very self conscious about them as kids would always point them out whenever I went swimming

8. When I was 13 I plucked nearly all of my eyebrows off, who didn't? 

9. My first time on a plane was to see my brother Tony in Canada for the first time when I was 11!

10. I met my best friend Kerri on Habbo hotel in 2006!

11. Me and my best friend went to our first gig together in 2008 (bullet for my valentine)

12. My first tattoo was done in someones living room in August 2012, but I don't regret it.

13. I was born on Friday the 13th. I also share a birthday with Robert Pattinson

14. In reception, a girl cut a few chunks of my hair off, I then went home and cut a lot of my hair off and blamed it on her. 

15. I've just finished my first year of my media production degree (relief!) but even though I'm a Media/film student yet I've never seen Star wars, Lord of the rings, Pirates of the Caribbean or any of the James bond films.

16. I would 100% rather buy makeup than clothes!

17. I've only broken one bone, my middle finger whilst on a trampoline with Aaron and his stepdad! I had to wear a dodgy plastic cast which looked like I was constantly flipping people off... embarrassing. 

18I have never moved house, and my mum has lived in our current house since she was 17... she's now 56!

19. I was the first girl to develop boobies in my year in primary school, result!

20. I was obsessed with Anime and manga a couple of years ago, I watched Naruto religiously.

21. Comfort is key! 90% of the time you'll see me in my pyjamas. 

22. I photographed my first wedding when I was 18, something i'm extremely proud of! 

23. It took me 3 years to pass GCSE maths.. say what? 

24. When I was little, I watched my brother play resident evil and a zombie grabbed his character through the window, to this day I'm scared to walk up my stairs because there's a window at the bottom and I feel the same is going to happen to me! 

25I have three Chihuahuas, they're just like babies! 

Friday, 12 July 2013

FOTD | Batman meets San paulo

I'm a very casual person, i'm not a fan of dressing up too much... in fact i'm at my happiest when I'm in my pyjamas, if only it was socially acceptable to wear pyjamas out in public, that would be bliss... small OOTD for you in here too.
This is the makeup look i've been going for everyday at the moment, even in the summer i'm not a fan of sheer coverage foundation (Ironic that my foundation of choice is "Nars sheer glow") and generally less makeup.

 I don't know if it's too noticeable, but i've been filling my eyebrows in with MAC charcoal brown instead of my benefit browzingz and it's given me a more natural look, which I'm loving for my brows at the moment! I have one more space left in my MAC quad where I want to put a highlight shade, can anyone recommend to me a nice highlight colour from mac? (that isn't vanilla)

Products used in order of applying: Benefit porefessional > nars sheer glow foundation > bobbi brown corrector > collection lasting perfection concealer > mac charcoal brown (eyebrows) > rimmel stay matte powder > sleek face form kit in light > soap and glory glow all out highlighter > mac all that glitters, charcoal brown and satin taupe(eyeshadows) > maybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner > Maybelline the falsies mascara > mac fix+ > nyx soft matte lip cream in san paulo

What's your favorite mac eyeshadow? 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Review | Maybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner

An eyeliner pencil was the first beauty product I ever brought, a cheap little kohl liner from boots when I was 12 and since that day, eyeliner has become a staple in my everyday makeup routine. I have tried practically every eyeliner from boots since i've been wearing makeup, as my typical everyday makeup look includes winged out eyeliner, and I can hands down say that this is the best eyeliner I have ever tried. I personally don't think it's worth splurging out on a gel liner such as the bobbi brown gel liner, or mac fluid line when there's a perfectly good drugstore gel liner which only costs £7.99!

I have had a water balloon thrown in my face, had a nap, rubbed my eyes and this stuff hasn't budged or smudged, and a pot has lasted me an entire year without drying out... I know you're not supposed to keep eye products for longer than 3 or 6 months, but there was nothing wrong with it and it worked perfectly fine. although the eyeliner doesn't budge throughout the day, it's easy to take off at night with makeup remover and it doesn't leave you with panda eyes which you can't scrub off. it's the blackest eyeliner I've used and it's easily to apply, it comes with a small eyeliner brush in the kit too which is useful for beginners. I will definitely carry on repurchasing this product in the future.

What's your favorite eyeliner?

Monday, 8 July 2013

My life | Jaynes birthday

On thursday the 4th of July I celebrated my good chum Jayne's birthday alongside friends, we went to a local night club (My first time in this one?!) and got a tad drunk... can I just apologise for the bad photo quality? would have seemed a bit bizarre taking my DSLR to a club don't cha think? I wanted my blog to be a bit more personal to myself other than reviews, so you'll see snippets of my life on here from now on as well! I'm also thinking of doing a FOTD on the makeup I wore to Jayne's birthday night out, would anyone be interested in seeing that? I hope Jayne had a fantastic birthday and is enjoying her time in crete (lucky!)

Review | MAC Fix +

Throughout the beauty community I have heard wonderful things about the makeup finishing spray MAC Fix + and thought I would give my 2 cents on the product.
I have found this spray to be wonderful when you've accidentally applied too much powder and start looking like someones chucked you into a pack of flour, rolled you into dough and baked you in the oven for 10 minutes. A couple of spritz's on your face and it makes your skin look dewy and fresh and not cakey at all. People have claimed that it has prolonged the staying power of their makeup but I don't feel that this is true, I haven't noticed that my makeup has stayed on longer than usual. I would say that do not spray more than 3 spritz's as i've noticed it can make my face look greasy. This product is lovely on those hot days where you just need something to cool your face down, without ruining your makeup! Overall, I really like this product because it makes my base makeup look more natural, but I don't think I'll be repurchasing it straight away.

Have you tried this product? what are your thoughts on it?

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Haul | MAC, Superdrug, Yankee candle and more

This month has been a good shopping month for me, I saved up money from last months wages and I ended up having a lot of extra money this month to treat myself with, I haven't brought everything myself, the Yankee candles were presents from my parents and were at a heavily discounted price!
All of these products weren't purchased at the same time, but over the space of a month.
A bulk of the products are repurchases, as it always seems I ran out of my essentials at the same time... never a good thing.

208 angled eyebrow brush
Charcoal brown eyeshadow
Pro palette quad
I've been wanting to try out new products for my eyebrows, I love my benefit browzings but I thought having my everyday eyeshadow colours (All that glitters & Satin taupe) and an eyebrow colour in one quad would just make life that little bit easier, and charcoal brown will also be a snazzy crease colour!

Two soft matte lip creams in Milan and San Paulo
As soon as I saw Kassia from styleofbeautyduo rave on about these products I've wanted them, I'm a matte lip colour kind of girl and I don't like the feeling of heavy gloss on my lips.

Collection cream puff in fairy cake
Maybelline lasting drama gel liner
Rimmel stay matte powder
Collection lasting perfection concealer
Rimmel salon pro nail polish in "Soul session"
Rimmel Wake me up foundation
La roche-posay effaclar mat
Pamlers cocoa butter dark chocolate and peppermint lip butter

Two large Yankee candles in black coconut and summer scoop
Three Kringle candle wax melts in Pancake breakfast, lemon rind and splash

I also brought the cutest pair of tweezers for £1.95 and they're so sharp and great for getting out hairs, with a cath kidston like print on them!

What's your favorite product from this haul?