Thursday, 9 January 2014

L'oreal Miss manga mascara

One coat of L'oreal miss manga mascara

First of all, I'm finding it quite hard to believe that these photos were taken in my bathroom, in natural light on my plastic window ledge?! Looks like I have found a new place to photography products! ...and lets just excuse the dirty finger marks all over the product, shall we?
I usually like plastic bristled mascara wands and I find they grip my lashes better and give them some length that they need, although with this mascara I have found that even though the brush is made of that soft fibre material it's still capable of lengthening my lashes which I was pleasantly surprised by. On the second image, nearly half way down the wand you can see that the material is a little different, that's because that part of the wand is actually flexible and moves, so it's not solid... something which I wasn't too sure if I would like but when I'm actually applying the product I haven't really noticed it, I think it's just a gimmick the whole "flexible wand will make your lashes look better". one thing I do like about this mascara wand is that it's tapered, meaning that it starts off thick and thins out nearer the end of the wand, which is do find helps coat all of my lashes evenly and stops me from getting product on my eyelids when i'm applying it.

The formula is black and very long lasting, I haven't had any flakey bits fall down onto my cheeks and I haven't had any experiences with smudging around the eyes, because the whole panda look isn't a good one, yet I do find that if I'm not careful this mascara can my lashes can look clumpy. Overall, I do think this is a good mascara but not the best on the market and I will probably won't repurchase it in the future, I've never really stayed faithful to a mascara before as i'm always up for trying out new products.

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  1. Appreciate the honest review! I picked this up the other week and I'm curious to try it since L'Oréal have made som really great mascaras. My absolute favorite is the Butterfly effect :o) Xx

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