Saturday, 4 January 2014

13 Favourite products of 2013

So 2014 you've come upon us at lightning speed, seriously though how fast did 2013 fly by? whilst most people spent new years out drinking I was tucked up in bed with Aaron waiting to go to work the next day... who cares though, the double pay was worth not having a hangover!

Nars sheer glow foundation 
I've banged on about this foundation since the day I first used it, once again I got this in may and I use it everyday and I'm still on my first bottle with a second bottle ready to be used, I think it's such great value for money considering how long it has lasted, and not to mention the fact it looks gorgeous on with it's medium buildable coverage.

Bobbi Brown corrector
I've JUST finished my first pot and it lasted around 7 months, which I think it's amazing and I already have another one on the go, this helps me conceal my horrendous dark circles because it's salmon toned which helps cancel out the purples tones, I couldn't be without this product now.

Rimmel Salon pro nail polish in 'soul session' 

Since I started my job just over a year ago, I've had to ditch my colourful nail polishes and opt for the more nude options which I actually love, my favourite of the year has been the shade soul session because it's the perfect nude for me, and I love wearing glitter over the top of it it looks gorgeous and I always pick this colour over any of my other polishes.

Nyx soft matte lip cream in San Paulo
When i'm stuck for a lipstick to wear, i'll always pick this one because I know it will look good and because it's matte it's extremely long lasting, and fuss free, the do foot applicator makes it really easy to apply and i've got my eye on a couple of more shades that I want.

Maybelline lasting drama gel eyeliner 
If you know me then you'll know that I wear winged eyeliner everyday, I don't feel like myself if I don't wear it and i've been using this product near enough everyday for 2 years, it is the best eyeliner I have ever tried and find it easy to apply with an angled brush.

Real techniques brushes 
I thought I would include the brand as a whole, I own nearly all of the brushes and the makeup sponge and they're all amazing quality and wash really well, I don't feel the need to go out and buy any other make of brushes because i'm more than happy with the ones I have and i've been using real techniques for over a year now!

My MAC eyeshadow quad
Why wouldn't it be the perfect palette, when i've picked out the colours that go in it? Shroom, all that glitters, charcoal brown and woodwinked have all been a favourite of mine this year in my nifty little palette, it's very multi purpose and I do have another blog post all about this palette here although I did have the shade 'satin taupe' in my palette back then.

Sleek face form kit in 'light'
This little compact contains a contour shade, highlight and a blush all of which I love and use nearly everyday, this has been really handy when i've stayed away from home because it means there's less to pack and very handy, i've recently hit pan on the contour shade so if that's not an indication of how much I love it then I don't know what is!

Clarins pure melt cleansing gel
I couldn't do a yearly favourites and not include this little gem, I first got this around may and i'm just about to finish my second tube, and i've been using it everyday since I bought it and haven't looked back. With this cleanser I apply it to dry skin and massage it in, add a little bit of water and it turns milky, massage it in for a couple of more seconds and wash off with water or a cloth and it leaves my skin squeaky clean without feeling tight. I will definitely be using this cleanser through out 2014 as I had hardly any breakouts since may and I put it down to this product.

Trilogy certified organic rosehip oil
I had blemish scars on my cheeks and a generally really uneven complexion and one day I thought I would do something about it so I could feel more confident in my skin and I can happily say my blemish scars are completely gone, big statement right there but I put it down to this product, rosehip oil is supposed to be good for scarring which is the reason why I bought it in the first place, but it's true that it has worked for me this is hands down one of my best beauty finds of 2013

L'oreal skin perfection 15 second miracle cleansing oil
This is the product I've used since it was released to take all my makeup off and i've gone through countless bottles of the stuff, I massage it in for a minute or so and wash it off with a hot flannel and it takes off every scrap of makeup I had on, I always go back in with my clarins pure melt cleansing gel just to make sure there's no makeup left but it does the most amazing job of taking off even the heaviest makeup.

Mitchum advanced control deodorant
Is it weird to include a deodorant? probably... anyway I used to find that nothing really worked for me, especially spray cans so I turned to this and it's the best thing i've ever done for my underarms, it's kept me dry and odour free (gross, but true) through all the seasons and I will continue to use this in 2014!

Estée lauder bronze goddess perfume 
Although it may not be a winter perfume, I still wear this all year around because it just smells so gorgeous! it's very much a summer perfume because it smells highly of coconut, and just like a yummy summer cocktail. This perfume only comes out for one month of the year (may-june?) I'll definitely be buying another one or asking for another for my birthday because I can't be without it anymore.

So those are my top 13 picks of 2013, it was quite hard narrowing down my all favourite products of the year but these are what come out on top, and I have no doubt in my mind that I will be loving them all throughout 2014 as well.


  1. Rosehip oil seems to be the rave of the town when it comes to healing properties; I have tried a rosehip/calendula/camomile oil (theyre mixed!) however I'm not sure if I'm seeing any results :(
    The Loreal clansing oil looks like a great product- have yet to see it in Aus though!

    ♥ M&L
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  2. Such a good detailed post! I also love the L'Oreal 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil. Like you said, it's amazing for taking off even heavy makeup! I couldn't be more obsessed with it!
    Rachel @ rachelsaysfabulous xxx