Friday, 3 January 2014

Sally Hansen hard as nails

My nails are really flakey and break extremely easily, I've always had problems with my nails and I did have acrylics back in april last year (it's really weird saying that now that we've just hit 2014...) and since then I feel as if my nails still haven't fully recovered and I don't understand why, In an attempt to bring my nails back to life and without paying £19 on the OPI nail envy which apparently works wonders for you nails, I picked up the sally hansen hard as nails to make my nails stronger.
First of all, this really does stop my nails from flaking so much and smoothes out all the ridges, and my nails do feel stronger, I realised as first I was only using one coat and then leaving it a few days and applying another coat but apparently you're supposed to apply 3 coats when you do your nails, since doing that i've noticed that my nails are a lot stronger,  but once I stop using it my nails go back to being very breakable, so really to me this product is just a quick fix. This is also a really nice base for nail polishes, I haven't had any problems with the colours staining my nails and generally my nail polish lasts a little bit longer than it would If i didn't apply this product first. I am going to carry on using this product in the hope that time will make them better, but when I finish this bottle and if there are no good results, I will be turning to the Opi nail envy to see what all of the fuss is about.

What's your favourite nail strengthener? 

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