Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Origins Mask marvels gift set

I've wanted to try origins face masks for as long as i've been reading beauty blogs, but i've always shied away from the hefty price tag, and the choice! I've heard great reviews from so many people about all of the face masks that I've never known which one to get, so when I saw the Origins mask marvels gift set (£25) I was thrilled! you get three 75ml face masks for £25... what? I think it's such a great way to try some of their face masks without breaking the bank.

Origins Clear improvement active charcoal mask

This was the mask I was most excited to try when I got the set, I first tried this whilst having a bit of a pamper evening chilling in the bath, it's quite a thick clay consistency which dries solid without being uncomfortable and extremely tight like other clay masks I've tried, I left it on for about 30 minutes because I was way too comfortable watching youtube videos in the bath.... and when I washed it off afterwards my skin felt so unbelievably clean without feeling as if all the moisture had been sucked out of my face, also my pores looked really clear and had reduced in size.

Origins Intensive overnight Mask

I was always a bit skeptical about trying this mask in the past, because I imagined it to feel really uncomfortable and sticky whilst I was trying to sleep, I had images in my head of me waking up with all of my hair stuck to my face and having to make a mad dash washing my hair in the morning and being late to work or college. Wrong. I was so wrong about this product, the texture is nothing like I imagined, yes it's quite thick in consistency but It sinks into my skin fairly quickly and sits on my face really nicely without feel too heavy and uncomfortable, it just feels as if you've just applied a thick night cream... and oh my it smells amazing, I can't quite pinpoint what it is, some sort of fruit? Yum!
When I woke up the next day and washed my face it felt so smooth and soft, i've never had results like that with other hydrating masks I've tried (the body shop, NSPA) which I'm extremely impressed with.

Origins intensive 10 minute mask

This mask gives me that 'quick fix' when my skins feeling really tight and I want baby butt smooth skin. I don't think this one smells as nice as the overnight mask, it's a lot less fruity but it still has a slight smell to it, the consistency is also a lot thinner which Is fine by me as it doesn't feel extremely heavy on my face. Out of the all other moisturising masks I have tried this comes in at second, the first being the overnight mask. out of this gift set this was actually the mask I was least excited about and it's actually my least favourite from the set as well, not because it's a bad mask because it's not, but I feel as if the other two do a lot more for my skin.

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  1. Sadly, Origins doesn't work for me :(
    Drink up was my lease favorite as well!
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