Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The perfect pink polish - Maybelline forever strong 'nude rose'

I have heard a lot of good reviews surrounding the Maybelline forever strong gel nail colours for quite a while, the most recent addition to my nail polish collection is in the shade 'nude rose' and it's a perfect light rosy pink. I personally don't think that these polishes last as long on my nails as other people have claimed they do as on myself they last around 4 days chip free whereas I've heard a lot of ladies saying that they can go a week without chipping, I personally haven't had results like that but the colour is phenomenal and I can't get over how pretty it is. I wanted to get a couple of new colours as I was becoming bored of using the same colours and as soon as I saw this I popped it into my basket and it was love at first application. I love that the brush is really wide on this polish as it meant that you can get an even coat in one swipe and it's quick and easy. This colours going to be gracing my nails on days where I don't want to wear a nude, but don't want to go too bright - it's the perfect middle ground between the two. There have been a lot of 'gel effect' polishes popping up on the highstreet recently but I think that Maybelline are on point with this polish as it really does give that plumped up, glossy gel like finish. 

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  1. Oo! This is such a lovely colour, and perfect for fall! I don't think we have these in Canada though...