Sunday, 10 November 2013


So I'm pretty sure we've all heard of Hydraluron now, right? I picked it up a couple of months ago when it was 1/3 off from boots as I couldn't justify spending the whole £24.99 on a product I wasn't sure I would even like, but as always curiosity got the better of me. The whole point of this product is that you apply it prior to your moisturiser and it holds 1000x it's weight in water, pretty impressive! It's capable of doing this from it's high levels of hyaluronic acid which is an ingredient which is really well known for retaining water and having high moisturising capabilities. When you first apply it, it sinks into your skin and leaves behind a tacky feeling which isn't pleasant what-so-ever but this goes as soon as your pop your moisturiser on top of it.

I started using Hydraluron and began to get annoyed as I wasn't seeing a difference, everyone was claiming it does amazing things to your skin yet I was noticing nothing, had I really spent so much money on a useless product? oh no... how wrong I was, after a month of constant use I noticed that my skin didn't feel dehydrated at all or lack lustre, it looked plump and healthy. To put hydraluron to the test, to definitely make sure it was this product that was making my skin look so good I stopped using it for 2 weeks, during that time I noticed I had a bit of flakey skin on my forehead and my skin's texture felt more rough rather than the baby smooth skin I was now used to! Now that i'm back to using this product everything's back to normal and I'm happy. I do think you have to take a break from it to notice the amount of good it's doing for your skin, will I purchase it again? yes, of course but I think I'll wait until it's on 1/3 off again before I do!

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