Monday, 2 September 2013

August favorites

I haven't really been using any new products in July, I have brought a few but I haven't tested them for long enough to say if I really love them or not.
One product that really stood out for me this month was the super facialist by Una Brennan tea flower deep clean clay mask £8.99 (currently £5.99 in boots) since I started using my mac studio fix fluid whilst I had a spray tan in july I felt as if it really clogged up my pores and my skin was looking dull, since using this face mask my complexion has brightened up and has drawn everything to the surface, I did come out with a few blemishes but I was expecting that.

since buying the vaseline spray and go body moisturiser £4.99 I haven't touched any of my other moisturisers, oops? I like how quick and easy it is and it smells incredible, my friend complimented me on how nice I smelt the other day after spraying this so that's always nice!

Mac bare study paint pot £15, I've noticed that my eyes are getting really sore and irritated again at the moment, resulting in my eyeshadow smudging off my eyes so I brought this to use as a base and it's kept my eyeshadow on for so much longer than it would have without it, I like the fact that this product dries to a powder finish very quickly so you're not waiting forever for the product to set.

By terry cream blush in 01 Apple glow £29.50 I was given this, and a lot of other goodies from my sister in law for helping her out with her makeup and I have used it every single day since I have had it in my possession, It's a natural flush colour that sets to a powder finish and it's absolutely amazing. it blends in easily and stays put all day, I'm not usually one to ramble on about how much I love blush because I generally don't... but this products a game changer for me.

Last but not least, the collection illuminating touch concealer £4.99 I've stopped using the collection lasting perfection concealer under my eyes because it wasn't brightening enough for me, I've heard a lot of good reviews about the illuminating touch concealer, and I have to agree with all of them, it's a lovely concealer! very brightening and helps hide my hideous dark circles and makes me look bright and awake.

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