Monday, 9 September 2013

Beauty haul

Worlds worst blogger award goes to myself! I've used all of these products already, bad right? I can't seem to hold back the temptation, well at least the products aren't half empty!
Asda currently have an offer on NSPA products, two for £4 so I did a little mix and matching and brought the Peach shower gel, and the creamy coconut body spray and oh sweet baby jesus, both of these products smell incredible! I just wish that they did the peach scent in the body spray, that would be just snazzy, the coconut body spray smells divine, I like to layer it with my estee lauder bronze goddess perfume and I smell like summer all day.
whilst browsing the boots website (which may I add I too way too often) I noticed that hydraluron was 1/3 off bringing it down to £16.65, say what? bargain! Sadly it was sold out online and had to go to TWO boots shops before I could find it in stock, and whilst I was there I picked up the bourjois colour boost lipstick in Fuchsia libre, I was going to buy "peach on the beach" which cutest name ever, but in general I can't get peachy colours to work for my complexion so sadly I left that behind.
Oh benefit, how I love you and your quirky packaging and beautiful products... I repurchased the Benefit they're real! Mascara, and brought a creaseless cream shadow in R.S.V.P because at the moment I have an obsession with cream shadows... I don't know where it's sprung from or why.
Also, you can now see how small Rio really is... in the picture of him he's stood next to a 500ml bottle, what a cutie patootie.

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