Friday, 6 June 2014

The BodyShop vitamin C microdermabrasion

The bodyshop's vitamin C microdermabrasion caught my eye whilst taking advantage of my £5 off birthday treat for being a love your body card member as well as it being on offer I got this product along with the vitamin C skin reviver for £9 when the microdermabrasion is £13 on it's own - bargain!

The bodyshop claim that the exfoliating particles in this scrub help buff away dead skin cells leaving you with bright and radiant looking skin. I like to use this product about twice a week when I'm in the shower and the grains are really fine but so densely packed together it really makes a difference, although this isn't the gentlest scrub I have used it's not 'too grainy' and as rough as other scrubs I have used. after using this my skin is left looking smooth and radiant plus it's soft to touch which is lovely as I can get quite dry skin on my chin and jaw. A little bit goes a very long way with this product as I use about a pea sized amount for my whole face and neck and that's plenty to massage in on damp skin to get rid of any dry patches. what I love about this scrub is I generally have quite a dull complexion and this really unclogs my pores and makes my face look healthier and feel extra clean as well as brightening up my complexion.

Because this is microdermabrasion it's a bit harsh on my skin and will leave it slightly red afterwards but it will calm down after a couple of minutes, for people with sensitive skin this may not be for you as it also smells of citrus orange which may irritate the skin as well as how abrasive it is. Although saying that my boyfriend Aaron has dry sensitive skin and he used this once and although he was left red skinned it really exfoliated away all of his dry flakey skin and it's left looking smooth again. I like to use my origins drink up intensive overnight mask after using this as you're stripping the skin slightly so you need to moisturise well afterwards.

Lately I have become a lot more confident in going out of the house without wearing foundation which used to be a big no no for me, but now I'm completely content with just putting some concealer under my eyes and on my nose and that's it. I've noticed a lot of improvement in my skin since using this, the tiny under the skin bumps have reduced in size and the very few spots I had cleared up quickly, so it most certainly hasn't broken me out! I think that this product has given me more confidence in my skin as it just looks so much healthier and clearer, I'm hoping to see more changes to my skin the longer I use this as I have heard a lot of glowing reviews about this scrub fading acne scars and all that good stuff.

Although I got this for a discounted price I would 100% pay the full price again for this as I love how it's benefiting my skin, I've heard a lot of controversy in the beauty world about using exfoliants with particles in but I feel that using a scrub once or twice a week really clears out my skin and makes it feel cleaner, on the other days I will use a chemical exfoliant but something you just need something to buff away all the dead skin.

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