Sunday, 1 March 2015

My favourite fuss-free lip products

Recently I've become a fan of almost glossy nudes, easy to wear and fuss free products. I'm not a fan of lip products that require a lot of work, I like being able to chuck something on and not have to worry about it getting on my teeth or smudging everywhere. Ladies, i'm sure you'll understand that It's also nice to be able to eat something and not have to do that awkward eating without the fork touching your lips malarky.

The clarins instant light natural lip perfector in apricot shimmer was the first product that got me on board with lip gloss, it's non sticky and makes my lips look absolutely perfect and line free. it glides on with the niftiest doe foot applicator which feels lovely and gives my lips a light wash of colour. It's also the best smelling lip product I have ever smelt, if you haven't smelt it before I highly suggest you go to your local clarins counter and give it a whiff... it smells like beautiful vanilla-y goodness, yummy.

Next up is the Clarins instant light lip balm perfector in my pink, just to let you know this smells exactly the same as the natural lip perfector, amazing! I purchased the shade my pink because the colour works with the PH levels on your lips to create your perfect pink lip shade which I thought sounded pretty damn amazing. This product is a tinted lip balm and it makes my lips feel extremely soft and plump, because it's a lip balm it's comfortable to wear and I don't even have to get out a mirror to apply this, it's one of those chuck on and go products that i'm a huge fan of.

I'll be honest, I have only had this product for a couple of days but i'm completely smitten with it. the YSL Volupte tint-in-oil in I rose you comes in the most gorgeous, sleek packaging which I feel really fancy getting out of my bag and applying. When I first saw the bright, neon pink colour on the applicator I was shocked, there was no chance in hell that was going to look good on me. Once applied, it's a sheer tint of colour that completely smoothes out your lips and makes them look healthy and plump. Because the product is an oil I have found it's the most comfortable lip product I have ever used and my lips feel very nourished whenever I apply this! If there's one lip product that you plan on splurging on this month then I would say it has to be this, I'm 100% in love with it and I already have my eye on a couple of more shades.

My go to nude lip is the Tanya Burr lipgloss in chic, the other three options in this post are more on the pink spectrum but this is my perfect nude shade. The formula is non-sticky which I think is hard to find in a lip gloss and feels comfortable to wear, usually with lip glosses I want to wipe them off the second I apply them to my lips but I don't feel that way about this product. Although the colour is opaque my favourite way to apply it is by smoothing the product on my lips with the applicator and then sheering it out slightly with my finger and i'm good to go. I'm a big fan of good smelling lip products and this one definitely smells amazing, It smells like strawberry milkshake cupcakes. 

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  1. The Tanya Burr lipglosses are still some of my favourites to wear :) I actually really like the Revlon Lip Butters too for something quick and easy.
    Bea x
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