Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bourjois rouge edition velvet lipstick 'frambourjois'

there has been an increase in the amount of liquid lipsticks popping up on the market recently and there has been a lot of hype in the beauty community surrounding the bourjois rouge edition velvet which are bourjois's take on the liquid lipstick trend. The formula is matte and opaque in one coat but you can intensify the colour even more if you build it up it in layers, I normally apply around two coats which you can see with the shade 'frambourjois' above. Frambourjois is a pink toned red, it's a good middle ground for anyone that's scared that they can't pull off a bright red lipstick as it's bright but not too 'wow that's red', I don't really have a colour like this in my collection. With the doe foot applicator it makes the product really easy to apply and get nice neat lines, I'm all about fuss free application and this one makes the cut. 

do you know what I hate the most about lipsticks? when they get on your teeth, which is something I haven't experienced once with this product which is mainly down to the kick-ass matte finish which isn't too drying on the lips, the matte finish also makes the product stick around for an extremely long time because it isn't going to smudge off too easily. I wore this lipstick all the way through a 9.5 hour shift and only had to reapply it once, and I had been chatting away, eating and drinking, it's simply amazing. I've named this product my 'going out' lipstick choice as I know I won't have to reapply it through the night, when the product had faded slightly I wasn't left with that odd looking coloured rim around your lips that looks like you went a bit heavy handed with the lip liner, the downside to it's amazing lasting power is how hard it is to get off at the end of the day... it literally stains your lips. For those of you with sensitive noses this product doesn't smell offensive in the slightest, I personally don't really notice a scent with it.

This is by far my favourite drug store release this year and I can't wait to get my hands on some more shades, they're available from the boots website for £8.99.


  1. Been meaning to buy some of these for ages and I'm 100% going to now. Love your blog,

    1. I'd totally recommend them! Thankyou lovely :) x