Sunday, 27 October 2013

When I think of beauty shopping the place that instantly pops into my mind is guildford, it's my all time favorite place to shop, yet very bad for my bank account! The main reason why I went shopping was to get colour matched to the Laura mercier silk creme foundation which I have been dying to try for over a year and when Aaron told me he would buy it for me obviously I jumped at the chance, the girl who applied it to me was so lovely and offered me student discount I didn't know I even got discount in store?! which knocked the price down from £33.30 to £29.70 and she told me I should have got it on all the other beauty stands in house of fraser too... how annoying that they don't advertise it what-so-ever.

On my little shopping adventure with Jayne and my mum I ended up repurchasing the Benefit they're real! mascara, which really is as good as everyone says and I'm willing to pay the £19.50 price tag for it... even if it does kill me a little inside everytime I do. Because Jayne was at mac obviously I had to go check it out too... so I also caved and finally brought 'woodwinked' from mac, which is a beautiful bronze shade that i've had my eye on for ages, which Aaron paid for... oops!

My brother Ryan gave me £20 to buy some makeup to 'dirty up' his cosplay for MCM comic con, and the best thing I could think of would be spray tan! he said I could spend the rest of the money after, definitely not complaining... In the end he didn't want to use the spray tan because he didn't like the idea and said I could just keep them, so we ended up using one of my old bronzers and loose powder and it done the job perfectly! So he ended up paying for two bottles of the St. Moriz instant leg tanning spray and two Sinful colours nail varnishes in gogo girls and forget now, thanks Ryan!

Oh nuxe reve de miel lip balm (£9.50)... why are you so hyped up in the beauty community? as soon as I saw it I knew it had to come home with me, as if I needed another lip balm.
Finally and probably the least exciting item was white cream makeup for halloween! I did actually buy some new tartan pj bottoms and supercosy tights from primark but I couldn't be bothered to take pictures of them... I also found out that the iPhone torches make pretty okay lighting for pictures, even though it looks pretty darn awful in the photos in this post, sorry!

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