Friday, 23 August 2013

Review | Maybelline babylips

Left to right: Pink punch, Peach kiss, Cherry meSo as i'm sure you all know, the ever so hyped up maybelline babylips hit the UK at the end of july, how exciting! As a lip balm and lipstick junkie as soon as I got my little boots email come through on the day they were released I demanded that Aaron ordered three for me as I was at work, the three I chose are Pink punch, Cherry me and Peach kiss, they all smell gorgeous, to me pink punch smells like tutti fruity sweets or starburst, and cherry me and peach kiss obviously smell as their name states. all three give a sheer wash of colour over your lips which I personally love wearing everyday and at work, I think that these will be a great lip product for people just starting out with makeup and they're not highly pigmented, bold colours. They retail at only £2.99 each, which I think is an absolute bargain when you're getting moisturised colourful lips. On my lips Cherry me comes out more of a hot pink colour rather than red, which I prefer anyway, Peach kiss comes out as a beautiful nude colour which is perfect for everyday, and it also doesn't make me look ill where it's too pale, and finally and my least favorite of the bunch is Pink punch, although it smells amazing I can't get this to work for me, it's too pale for my liking and doesn't look right on my highly pigmented lips. When I heard that maybelline baby lips were becoming available in the UK I had my heart set on the watermelon shade, which they sadly haven't released here so i'm hoping that they're going to release more shades in the future, as I will definitely be purchasing a few more.

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  1. I love the packaging of these (: