Friday, 1 August 2014

What I'm taking to Holi One festival | What's in my bag

Holi one is a colour festival that's currently making it's way around the UK, where there's Dj's, performances, alcohol and of course colourful dye that gets thrown around every hour. Myself and some chums are going to London on the 2nd of August wearing white clothes, and will most likely return home early hours of the morning looking colourful and messy and possibly slightly drunk. It's going to be amazing.

I'm taking the body shop's anti bacterial hand gel because of the communal toilets. that's all i'm going to say on that matter and some carex hand wipes just incase myself or my chums want to clean up a little bit (which I highly doubt). I'm also going to be taking a body spray to make myself smell nice throughout the day but that's going in my friends bag because mine is absolutely tiny and filled to the top.

Because it's a colour festival and we may want to spruce things up a little bit during the day I'm taking two of my urban decay heavy metal loose glitter and the adhesive so go along with it because it's fun and who doesn't love glitter? I actually won these in a giveaway and have been dying to try them out so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. The more everyday makeup I'm taking with me is a concealer, I know i'm going to get messy and not looking pretty all day but If I feel like I need to touch up then I can. A powder to set down the makeup and if I get a little bit shiney, and a makeup brush to go alongside that and of course the lip product I will be wearing on the day, which I have decided will be the korres lip butter in 'jasmine' and a mirror to apply it all with.

Then neccesities such as money and ID and of course my phone - I want to take pretty instagram pictures whilst I'm there! Sunglasses as they serve two purposes the first being the obvious, blocking the sun from my eyes and the second is if my makeup goes a little bit crazy I can always hide my eyes with giant sunglasses. Don't forget to stay safe even at festivals in the UK and stay hydrated, my friends got me the cutest pug drinking cup the other day and it's going to accompany us on this trip!

Am I missing anything in my colour festival survival kit? let me know! 

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