Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The not-so-glamorous beauty bits

So within the beauty community we're all very comfortable talking about our favourites lipsticks and concealers, but there's more to it than that and i'm talking about the products we may use on a daily basis but we feel it's just a little bit weird to talk about.

CB12 safe breath oral care agent is a mouth wash that neutralises bad breath for 12 hours and it has a nifty little pump that dispenses the correct amount of product so you don't end up using too much product at once. This product is perfect when you're going out to a social event or even a date and you want your breath to stay fresh all night, it works wonders. I used this after eating quite a lot of garlic and I got my boyfriend to do a breath test and he couldn't smell any garlic-y goodness. Speaking of bad smells no one likes to stink whether it's bad breath or body odour, I'm extremely conscious of this and known to sometimes shower twice a day and a product that has literally changed my life is the mitchum advanced 48HR protection antiperspirant and deodorant particularly the unscented option, prepare yourself for some TMI but I used to feel as if I sweat more than the average women and no deodorant could control it. My 'excessive sweating' and all that bad jazz stopped the day I tried out this stick deodorant and now I don't feel as if my underarms sweat and there's absolutely zero smell, not that I had bad body odour before. I'm not painting myself as a pretty picture here, am I? Garlic breath and sweating, mmm. I'm completely confident that I can now go out when it's hot and not have to worry about my underarms. I haven't tried any of the mitchum aerosols but my mum uses them and thinks they're fantastic so if you're not a stick deodorant lover then it may be worth checking those out, oh and Zoella also uses them.

It's no secret that I get quite the hairy face and I blame it on my dad for giving me his dark hair screw you genetics so the nair sensitive facial hair removal cream has been a very good friend of mine since my teenage years, I've done a full review on this product (link) but it's perfect for getting rid of that no-so-attractive moustache I naturally sport. I apply it to the areas that need de-fluffing and leave it on for around 3 minutes and then wipe away with a warm flannel and my face is smooth and I no longer resemble an ape.

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