Monday, 18 August 2014

Lush snow fairy scent dupe?

Whilst browsing the shower gel section in Asda for no apparent reason because I currently have 8 shower gels in my cupboard waiting to be used I spotted a new brand called 'Dolly's mixtures' so I thought I would check the range out, the first one I picked up to smell was the scent 'bubblegum' and I couldn't stop smelling it simply because it reminded me of lush snow fairy - they smell extremely similar! on the back of the bottle it says that the fragrances are banana, tutti-frutti and bubblegum and snow fairy's know for it's bubblegum and pear drops scent. snow fairy's only available around christmas time and has a hefty price tag for a shower gel, the larger bottle retails at £10 whereas this shower gel retails at 10% of that price at just £1 so if you've wanted to try out snow fairy but can't justify the price tag this shower gel's worth checking out and it's also available all year round. I will say that i'm not a fan of the packaging as it looks a little bit childish, but it's what's inside that counts - right?

Dolly's Mixtures also do a lot of other delicious, candy oriented scented shower gels that are worth checking out, sadly I can't justify buying any more shower gels because they'll just be added to my 'back ups' cupboard until I've worked my way through the mountain of shower gels I currently own.

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