Thursday, 17 July 2014

We're expecting puppies!

If you follow me on instagram you probably would have seen this beautiful face grace 99.9% of the photos I upload maybe that's an exaggeration... I actually have 4 chihuahuas but Peppa the little beauty photographed above is mine, my petite chien and has become severely attached to me since the day she was born. we have a little family tree in my home we have Ami and Badger who are the parents of Peppa, and Peppa has recently become pregnant by our newest edition Rio who's fourteen months old. we have always thought it's good for our chihuahuas to experience pregnancy once in their life, Ami had one litter of two puppies and we're allowing peppa to have one litter too, at first I was a little aprehensive because she's so tiny and I still see her as a puppy even though she's now four years old, but we have been given the o-k by our vets, maybe that's me being an over protective mother and not wanting her to become a mother herself? I don't know. we're deciding whether or not to get a scan done so we can see just how many puppies we're expecting as doing so saved Ami's life four years ago when Peppa was born - Ami was expecting five puppies but she only birthed two but she had extreme difficulty delivering one of the placentas, which we thought was a puppy and rushed her to the vets... what happened to the other three puppies we don't know it's still a mystery to us and the vets. Peppas little bundles of joy are due on the 28th of August, I'll be updating you guys on Peppas pregnancy when she's nearly due and once the puppies are born, we're excited for little baby chihuahuas running around the house!

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