Friday, 18 July 2014

Bourjois rouge edition velvet's new shades

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of my bourjois rouge edition velvet lipstick in 'frambourjoise', whilst browsing the boots website to order a new shade and expand my collection I noticed that bourjois have recently launched two new shades in the UK called 'nude-ist' and 'grand cru' so they went straight into my online basket, I also picked up the shade 'personne ne rouge' which is a vibrant true red as boots had a three for two offer on as well as getting a free pair of bourjois sunglasses! these can be seen in my haul (link).

Nude-ist is as the name suggests a nude but verging on more of a pinky brown, it's the only nude in the collection so of course I had to pick it up. I love matte formulas but don't own any matte nude shades so I figured that this would be the perfect new addition to my lipstick family. As soon as I applied this I fell in love - it's the perfect nude for my complexion!

Grand cru is a deep burgundy and the darkest shade in the rouge edition velvet line which is why it appealed to me so much, I love a dark lip and I'm looking forward to wearing this in the colder months. I noticed that this shade isn't opaque with one coat but the lipsticks layer easily and two coats is enough to make it completely opaque.
Nude-ist and Grand cru have to be my two favourite colours from the entire range, there are a lot of reds in the collection so I was surprised to see that they had released yet another red but then that could be seen as a good thing as there's a red shade for everyone because they all have different undertones and are varying shades of red - it's all down to personal preference. The formula is creamy and opaque but then dries down to a velvet-y matte formula that doesn't sink into the fine lines of my lips and doesn't feel heavy or uncomfortable at all. I have worn the shade 'frambourjois' through a 9.5 hour shift and and only reapplying it once and it didn't even need touching up, these are the longest lasting lipsticks I have come across and are perfect for lazy girls like me that can't be dealing with constant touch ups!

Have you tried any of the rouge edition velvets - what's your favourite shade? 

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