Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The perfect mint green

Essie mint candy apple has become a favourite among my summer nail polishes, I bought this last year and was so excited to try it but thought that it didn't suit me, this summer I have dug it out again and have fallen in love with it, especially with a glitter top coat. I really dislike the shape of my nails and can never get them right, so I think I would love this polish even more if I had even nail beds and all that jazz. the pictures above were taken after 3 days wear and as you can see, no chipping! truly amazing. the glitter topcoat I used over the top of Essie mint candy apple was 'diamond glitter' by Barry M which is different size chunks of holographic glitter, I think that these two make a beautiful combination.


  1. I love this nail polish as well, I haven't used it for sometime because I got a bit bored by the look, but I really like how you made it look with the sparkles on top :)
    Tanja Mortensen

    1. It's such a gorgeous combination, give it a try :)