Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Birthday Wishlist

So it's my birthday a week today on the 13th may but sadly I have an exam from 9am-5pm in the TV studio so I won't be doing anything fancy this year but I'm finally going to be 20 and no longer a teenager. instead I'm going to be halfway to 40 which is slightly depressing. but exciting. this is a list of products I have been lusting over, maybe some post birthday shopping is in order?

I have wanted a pair of vans for the longest time as my Primark dupes just aren't cutting it anymore, I want to go for the plain all black style as they're simple and go with most outfits I'm not really wild and exciting when it comes to the shoe department they just aren't my thaaaaang. recently my under eyes are really bugging me as they just look really dry and nothing sits well under there so I figured it was time to invest in a good eye cream that'll do a good job at moisturising that area so i'm currently looking to get to Kiehls creamy eye treatment with avocado as I have a similar problem to what Zoella was talking about in one of her latest videos and she said this has worked a treat for her eyes, she was also using the Mac pro longwear concealer which has been on my wish list for the longest time so I figured that they would go well together. I have recently become obsessed with the lanolips lemonaid lip aid which I picked up on a whim from boots, but the product I have been dying to try from lanolips for a long time is the lanolips banana balm and I'm now desperate to try it as I have fallen head over heels in love with the lemonaid lip aid. I have been looking to get a ted baker makeup bag for quite a long time but never bit the bullet and paid the £25 price tag but I have fallen now in love with the gorgeous ted baker large foral printed wash bag  and just want to get my mitts on it. now. finally the last product I have been wanting is another Estée lauder bronze goddess perfume which isn't actually in stock for some reason, I'm currently half way through my current bottle from my birthday last year but I know it isn't going to last until next year so I want to get a replacement soon as it's normally only available between may-june time.

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