Thursday, 17 April 2014

The hangover face

These are a selection of products I like to use the day after the night before... you know when you've been drinking and the next day your face looks in the nicest way possible crap. the alcohol sucks all moisture out of my skin and makes me look dull. after i've cleansed my face I spritz my face with the botanics organic rosewater toning spritz  which is refreshing and hydrating and generally a pleasure to use to make you feel more awake. the botanics rosewater toning spritz makes me feel more awake but the body shop vitamin C energising face spritz brightens up my face when I look dull and gives it a little bit more life and I don't have to bother with cotton fool pads, I can just spray it on and carry on to the next step. to put a bit of moisture back into my skin I use the origins drink up 10 minute mask to help hydrate my skin and give it the boost it needs. I always have to have some form of lip balm on my lips and today I have chosen the nuxe reve de miel as it's my most hydrating one I own and smells gorgeous. I'm currently sat in bed wearing my glasses watching rise of the guardians and writing up blog posts for next week as I have most of my deadlines due then.


  1. I have just started using the Body Shop Vit C face serum, and I love it! Such a good range :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  2. Hey girl!
    We tagged you in The 5 Year tag over at :)
    xo T