Sunday, 9 March 2014

Taylor swift wonderstruck perfume

The Taylor swift wonderstruck perfume has quickly become one of my favourite everyday perfumes, it's a sweet but not sickly sweet perfume that's perfect for everyday wear. first of all, lets address how beautiful the packaging is, the iridescent purple bottle is gorgeous and looks beautiful on my dressing table, the gold detailing gives it an extra pretty look to it and it generally looks different to the standard perfume bottles that you see. now i'll be honest, notes in perfume baffle me but from the sources i've checked these are the notes that are in this perfume - top notes: freesia, apple blossom and raspberry - middle notes: Vanilla, honeysuckle and white hibiscus - base notes: golden amber, sandalwood and peach. as you can imagine from the sweet notes that this is a really girly perfume and apparently this was inspired by Taylor's favourite memories and scents. the note that stands out to me the most is raspberry but the sandalwood is also a definite standout. this perfume does last a fairly long time but it does fade after a few hours to a barely-there scent. I do love this perfume and will be repurchasing it when it's finished, you can get a 50ml bottle from boots here for £28 but it goes on offer a lot of the time for half price.

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  1. I love this scent. It's girly but still grown up! :)