Thursday, 13 March 2014

The perfect perfume and body spray combinations

My two favourite scents are vanilla and coconut on their own or mixed together they smell delicious. I have been wearing the natural collection vanilla body spray (£2) for years and I don't think I could be without it it's easy to just chuck in my bag and spritz whenever i need to, it smells sweet and not too over powering. as soon as I saw that the body shop sold a vanilla perfume (£8.50) I was sold, it's so tiny and sweet I couldn't resist although this perfume is on the more floral vanilla side it smells amazing and this little bottle has actually lasted me around a year. I don't feel like myself unless I'm wearing perfume and i'm always conscious about how I smell, so whenever I wear the body shops vanilla perfume I always pair it with my vanilla body spray, I just spritz it over my skin and clothes and the scent lasts all day, they make an amazing combination. the same rule applies with my favourite coconut combination, I spritz the body spray all over my body and apply the perfume to my wrists and neck. Estee lauder bronze goddess (£45-£50) is my all time favourite perfume and you can be sure that i'm going to stock up on it in may when it's released again, it's such a wonderful holiday smell which reminds me of pina coladas. the nspa creamy coconut body mist (£3) is so gorgeous I actually like it more than my vanilla body spray sorry vanilla... but it smells exactly as the name suggests it's so creamy and coconutty I just can't help but spraying it around my bedroom. Nspa products are always on offer in asda on a 3 for £5 offer or knocked down to £2, I always stock up on the 3 for £5 deal as it's such a bargain.


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  2. I love the tropical scent of coconut, it's summer in a coconut shell :o) Xx

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    1. it's gorgeous! the nspa body spray is one of the best coconut scents i've found! xo

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