Friday, 28 February 2014

Teaching myself "SFX" Makeup - Wounds

So I started getting a little bit more interested in the wonderful world of SFX makeup when I did the makeup for our student short film last year, and I'm doing it yet again this year. My tutor loves the current work I'm doing and has asked me to help out the first year degree students and give them a few pointers on makeup and come along to their TV production and do the makeup. I by no standard think I'm in a position to teach other people on makeup as I just don't have the experience, but I thought I would share some pieces I have done recently and talk you through the products I use.

Mehron liquid latex - The latex I use is this one  which is from amazon, I paint the product onto the skin and let it dry. When you apply the product to the skin it comes out an off white-yellow colour but it dries clear so that it blends into the skin. After adding a couple of layers and when it's completely dry I will make a cut in the middle of the latex and rip it to make a wound, this gives the effect of teared/ripped skin. This can be seen in picture 1 and 3. If you would like a step-by-step tutorial on how to do so let me know and I will get cracking on that.

Mehron rigid collidion - This product is used to create scarring, it's seriously amazing stuff you paint it on and it dries within 30 seconds and the more layers you build up the deeper the scar will look. This product is shown in the second image. You can also buy this on amazon here.

Mehron bruise wheel - The bruise wheel can be used in so many different ways, it's basically a circle palette of 5 bruise-like colours which are cream colour pigments, they create realistic looking bruises yet I also use the red/dark maroon/blue shade when I do wounds so it's not just limited to bruises as the red and dark maroon act as a great base base for the blood and help blend in the edges of the latex, all of the colours in the wheel are highly pigmented and blendable. I have always used a stippling brush and sponges to create the bruises but my lovely blogger friend Stephanie recommended that I use one of these stippling sponges which I am yet to try! The bruise wheel is available from amazon here.

Mehron Stage blood - I ordered this after reading great reviews that it's very realistic looking which I completely agree with. The colour is a darker red so it looks fresh and its sort of gloopy so you're not going to get those light red watery streaks of blood which doesn't look convincing! instead, depending on how you use it hangs in large droplets which does run slightly but it will dry a bit so it doesn't budge much, so it actually looks like droplets of blood. this is also made of corn syrup which tastes quite nice so it can be used around the mouth.

Others - Cotton buds, triangle sponges, scissors, tweezers, foundation brush and small detailer brush.

I really love just playing around with these products and trying to improve each time! I'm really glad I bought them a year ago as they have come in very handy with my media degree!


  1. I first noticed this on my blog feed and it looks really real so I had to come and check it out :) just love the effects and it must take a huge amount of talent to do this would be interesting to learn anyway! I think tutorials would be a good idea and very unique :D xx

    1. Haha the more realistic the better! Thankyou, it's actually really easy you'd be surprised! I'll definitely start doing some tutorials :) xo