Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dr.Jart+ Regenerating beauty balm SPF 30

Excuse my scruffy appearance but some times you just need to throw your hair up and wear a baggy t-shirt. I've been slightly more confident in my skin lately and have been venturing into the land of BB creams. The Dr.jart regenerating BB cream is a moisturiser, sunscreen and treatment serum all rolled into one product, it claims to hide uneven skin tone to reduce the need for foundation and concealer.
My sister in law gave me this Dr.Jart Regenerating BB cream because she didn't like it after using it a couple of times so when she offered it to me I took it, yet I normally wear medium-full coverage foundations so this little tube scared me a little bit. When I tried this I was really surprised by the amount of coverage it offered, when I hear the words BB cream I think extremely light coverage but the Dr.Jart one is a light-medium coverage which is lovely. Dr.Jart claim: "This Dr Jart+ BB Cream provides strong coverage for redness and spots which won't rub off as easily as traditional cosmetics. Skin will look brighter, whilst still suitable for problem and sensitive skin."I completely agree with what they say, I feel as if my face has a certain glow to it after I apply it yet covers most imperfections on my skin.

After I have worn my foundation for a couple of hours I normally can't wait to get it off my face as it just feels disgusting, yet this BB cream feels so light on the skin that I forget i'm even wearing makeup and I have even started reaching for this over my other foundations. I think that this is going to be perfect for the summer time when you don't want to be caked in makeup as it  offers an SPF of 30 and has great coverage. The formula is thick to apply but you can't feel it once it's on the skin, I apply it with a Real techniques buffing brush it sort of stippling motions and blend out any areas that need to as I don't like the feel of applying products with my hands. This product is very long lasting and doesn't rub off patchy through out the day which I love. For me this product is my 'lazy day' base where I don't want to faff around as it's quick and easy to apply, I will repurchase it again yet probably only in the warmer months where I want a lighter base.

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