Saturday, 18 May 2013

Instagram update #1

So I have been a little bit missing from action from my little blog lately, Uni has been cracking the whip and I have an absolute tonne of deadlines... boo! I'm thankful that I get a weeks break on the 24th may, go back for a couple of exams and then finish on june 6th! My plan for this summer is to pick up a lot of hours at my job, I'm buying a Macbook pro in the next couple of months and need a lot of dosh to pay that bad boy off! ...(and maybe buy more beauty products as well?) sneaky! Here's a little update in Instagram pictures on whats been happening in my life the past week!

Krispy kreme, Guildford, Benefit they're real, Extra white bubblemint, Uni work, NERDS! Birthday 
night out with Jayne, My man and dog having a snooze, Birthday selfie going to guildford, Birthday present from Aaron, More krispy kreme, Icecream cookies... mmmmm

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