Thursday, 9 May 2013

Recent beauty buys | MAC & Clarins

So... I was naughty and made a few online purchases over the past week and both parcels
arrived on the same day, I came home from work an extremely happy chappy to say the least!These beauty products are my birthday present to myself... because why the hell not? A girl can never have too many lipsticks or eyeshadows!

Mac store online

First of all I was having a little look on the mac website and noticed that RiRi Woo
was launched an hour before and I was in two minds if I should buy it or not... in the end, obviously I caved. I also brought All that glitters and Satin taupe eye shadows in pan form, along with the pro palette duo (why I was originally on the mac website) I've been absolutley dying to see why people love these two colours so much the closest Mac store to me is still quite far and I don't go there often, the last time I went there was my birthday last year where I purchased my one and only Mac blush "Well dressed" which doesn't suit my complexion much and was kind of a waste of money. After swatching the two colours, my first thought was that they are gorgeous and would compliment eachother extremely well, i'm looking forward to wearing these two colours on saturday! 


Next stop, debenhams! I have been wanting to try mac fix + for quite a while now but couldn't justify spending £13.50 on a squirty bottle filled with... vitamin/mineral water, with lots of other good stuff in? I'll be doing a full review on all the products included after I've trialed them for a while, so you never know... fix + could be worth the hype that was around it in my opinion. the next thing I popped into my (now expensive) online basket was Clarins pure melt cleansing gel, genuinely brought this because of Lily melrose hyping this product up so much, and my current skincare routine isn't perfect and I get extremely dry eyes, so the fact that this melts into an oil, then into a milk sounded perfect to me.

I'm going to be using all of these products on saturday night, for my birthday night out (woo!) I might be posting a "make up/outfit of the night" post hopefully sunday please tell me if that's something you would like to see? I also have a christening on sunday and then it's my birthday on monday, busy bee I am! 

Do you love any of these products?


  1. I really want to try the RiRi lippy out :) it looks amazing, great post loved it! xx

  2. It's become my new favorite lipstick, you should definitely try and get your hands on it when its back in stock in June, thankyou lovely! xx

  3. Beautiful post! I just found your blog! Its amazing! Do you like MACS Satin Taupe?


    1. Thank you sweetie! Yah I think it's a beautiful eyeshadow :) will be featuring a blogpost on it soon.

    2. Your blog theme is so adorable! I love the floral!!! How did you get it? Could you give me some advice for my blog?


    3. It's nothing special! I just chose a floral wallpaper from google and gave it a purple tint and stuff :) I'm still learning how to get the hang of this blogging myself! your blogs lovely by the way :)