Thursday, 28 August 2014

New additions to the Steadman family

On the 27th August my little chihuahua had her puppies, she had been in labour all night and had developed a little bubble at around 2am and birthed her first puppy at 7:15am after my parents had woken me up at 6:40am to help support them, the first was a little boy and he's absolutely gorgeous. My parents had to break the sac that the puppy was in and cut his chord because Peppa was tired after birthing and didn't know what to do, we successfully resuscitated the puppy and he's perfectly healthy. I was very ill the day that Peppa gave birth so I wasn't feeling up to scratch and extremely tired. The little boy is a light brown with a black stripe down his back, we think he's going to be identical to his mother in his markings, just as Peppa looked the same as her mother Ami.

My parents decided to take Peppa to the vets to get checked over as they were worried that she was struggling birthing too much, and the vets reassured them that she was fine throughout her labour and she wouldn't have any difficulties. I went back to bed whilst they were at the vets and ended up feeling worse when I woke up when they come back home. A little while later I was sat in my parents bedroom watching Peppa when I noticed another puppy was on the way, I called my parents back into the bedroom and after a difficult birth she gave birth and once again didn't break the sac so the sac was broken, the chord was cut and we noticed that the puppy wasn't moving...after trying to clear it's airways, and trying to resuscitate it there was nothing we could do.. the puppy had become stressed during birth and poo'd in the sac and wasn't alive when it come out... very sad that we lost a beautiful little girl puppy.

The final puppy was a little girl who was born at 12pm, she's a little cutie and once again had to have the sac removed and chord cut but Peppa knew more what to do this time around. The little girl is a beautiful chocolate brown and she's a little bit bigger than her brother and very greedy. The two surviving pups went to the vets today along with Peppa and they're perfectly healthy and doing great, I can't wait to see them grow up and play and all that good stuff. I love them.

I told my mum throughout Peppas pregnancy that I didn't want to watch her give birth because I wouldn't be able to stomach it but but when you're there in the moment and thinking of the lives of the puppies you completely forget about all the grossness and think about the well being of the mother and pups. It was certainly an experience I won't forget. It's been difficult for our family as we lost one of the puppies but we were warned that this can be quite common with chihuahua birthing, we just didn't think it would ever happen to us and we're all heart broken that the little one didn't get a chance at life.


  1. Aw they are adorable, congrats! I hope Peppa and her pups are well and grow up all healthy and cute! Adorable!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  2. So sorry to hear one didn't make it, but well done Peppa and to you and your family for keeping your heads. They're gorgeous :)

    Katy xx