Monday, 23 June 2014

My go-to method for facial hair removal

When I was born apparently my brother said to my mother "is she always going to be this hairy?" when he first met me and noticed my hairy little face, with a father with darker skin and hair in comparison to my mothers fair complexion and blonde locks I took after him, especially in the excessive amounts of hair department. lucky me. I used to get picked on for having a hairy face and was very self conscious about this during my school years, I started plucking my eyebrow (yes, I practically had a mono-brow) when I was about 12/13 and started using hair removal methods when I was about 14. I have tried waxing and hair removal cream and If i'm completely honest I don't have the patience for wax anymore and find hair removal cream 100x easier.

I have been using the nair facial brush on sensitive hair removal cream for over a year now and is my go-to method of hair removal, I apply this above my eyebrows, my upper lip and the sides of my face and leave it for a couple of minutes. do not leave this on for too long it will burn! I've made this mistake a few times and left it on for a tiny bit too long and have been left with a very sore face, which is always fine by the next morning. If you're going to use this product I recommend using it at night so that you're not going to be applying makeup after using it, giving your skin time to 'recover' over night. I wash it off with a cool, soft wash cloth and then pat (don't rub!) my face dry with a soft towel, this will help reduce any damage to your skin after using the hair removal cream. nair have recently changed their packaging for this product and whilst it's larger and looks nicer they have changed the brush on the inside which is now a huge let down, it's extremely floppy which makes it hard to get precision application whereas the old brush was firm and easier to handle.

This is really effective for getting rid of facial fuzz, because I'm quite hairy in the face department I have to use this once a week - week and a half if I'm feeling daring, obviously the effects aren't as long lasting as waxing but it's definitely easier and less time consuming.


  1. I'm lucky enough to have quite fair hair, except for my eyebrows that are naturally very dark (don't know what's up with that) but I still like to get rid of any facial fuzz, so I think I'll have to give this a go!

    In Katie's Corner

  2. I'm lucky that I don't suffer with facial hair (well I do obviously have it but as I'm naturally blonde it's fair) but this does sound like a very handy product for those that unfortunately do have this problem x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty