Friday, 14 February 2014

The perfect bedtime companions

These are my go-to products when I want to wake up fresh as a daisy, I follow this routine as often as I can as I love the results these products give me the next day. First up I massage the trilogy certified organic rosehip oil all over my face, I use this every night as It moisturises my skin beautifully and helps reduce scarring and other little nasties on my face, I've nearly ran out of it and desperately need to repurchase it. Next I add a layer of the origins drink up intensive overnight mask to my face, this stuff smells so gorgeous and I wake up with the softest skin after i've used it, and obviously you can't forget to moisturise your lips, I usually use the weleda skin food when I want them to be super smooth the next day, it doesn't feel heavy on your lips and sinks in lovely and I just love the fact it's in a tube and not a pot, is that weird? My hands can get extremely dry, like the sahara desert kinda dry so I love to slather my hands in a thick hand cream before bed and my favourite one is the body shops hemp hand cream, now this stuff smells kinda funky but it's so good for sorting out any dry skin on your hands so I can look past that minor detail! Finally I spray my pillows / wrists with the body shops deep sleep dreamy pillow mist, i've done a full review on this product here now this isn't a miracle product that makes you fall asleep instantly, I just feel as if this puts me into a deeper sleep and I wake up feeling more refreshed.

What are your favourite bedtime products?


  1. I think I need to try the sleep spray, see if that will help to improve my sleep... :o) Xx

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