Friday, 17 January 2014

Lush Bombardino bath bomb

I know this is a christmas limited edition lush bath bomb, but I thought i'd give my thoughts on it anyway. first of all, in the packet this smells really strongly of cocoa butter and it kind of made me feel a bit ill, you know when a scent just goes straight to the back of your throat and makes you feel a bit queasy? yeah that's what this bath bomb did to me... the strange thing was that I actually liked the scent! It's very warm and slightly sweet, perfect for the winter time. Lush say "Sit back and relax in a bath of creamy Alpine indulgence. With skin-softening cocoa butter and uplifting Sicilian lemon oil." This bath bomb left the water a lovely shade of urine, it was actually quite a disgusting colour but what else did I expect from a yellow bath bomb, flowers and rainbows? moving aside from the rather gross colour, this bath bomb was actually really lovely, once it had dissolved into the water it didn't smell too strongly anymore and was nice and calming, floating around in the water were little bits of what i'm assuming are cocoa butter, like body butter? I rubbed them into my skin and it made me feel so beyond soft I couldn't believe it, i'm lazy when it comes to moisturising so I praised the lord when I got out and didn't need to apply body lotion, booyah! the water was very softening and the light smell lingered on my skin after I got out of the bath, I'm actually quite gutted that I didn't pick up a few of these, but I definitely will this year! I have a whole lot of bath bombs/melts and other goodies to get through, i'm well and truly stocked up from christmas!

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