Friday, 31 January 2014

Korres lip butter in jasmine

The Korres jasmine lip butter is a buttery smooth lip balm with a light pink tint to it, it's very nude and sheer so it's perfect for days when you don't want to faff around with a lipstick. I really don't like the feel of lipgloss or anything sticky, heavy or too slippery on my lips, so when I felt the texture of the korres lip butters I was so pleased as I didn't know what to expect! they're not sticky in the slightest, they melt into your lips and feel as if they won't budge because they're not slippery. As much as I love my bright lipsticks, sometimes I just can't be bothered and a lip balm becomes my best friend, especially in the colder months as my lips are so dry and sore that any lipstick I wear just looks disgusting. Now I have to say, this lip butter doesn't smell like jasmine, to me it smells extremely lightly of cookies I don't know if that's a general thing for all of the lip butters, or if they're supposed to smell what they're named after? I'm not complaining because cookies smell damn good! because of their butter formula you wouldn't expect them to last all that long, which in this case is kind of true because on myself it lasts around two hours and no more, which I don't mind because I'm constantly applying lip balm anyway! I wouldn't particularly say that these heal my lips from being chapped in anyway, but it definitely protects them from the cold and hydrates them. one negative thing I will say is that because the colours light on myself it highlights any flakey patches I may have so I have to make sure I scrub my lips well before applying this. You can pick these little pots of beauty up for £8 from asos here and if you're not a fan of lip balms in pots they also sell them in stick form here

I'm currently looking at buying the shade 'quince' if you have any recommendations for what shade I should buy next or have a blog post on these little beauties then definitely let me know i'd love to read your thoughts on these once hyped up pots of joy.


  1. These seem so amazing and jasmin is my favorite scent so I'll try and get a stick with it :o) Xx

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  2. Love how natural and soothing this product sounds

  3. Great post! I have nominated you for a Liebster award. Not sure if you have already done this but I love your blog :) xx