Monday, 2 December 2013

November favourites

So december is finally here and the countdown to christmas begins! I haven't even got an advent calendar this year which makes me a little bit sad... but anyway onto the favourites!

First up, i've been loving baths this month i've been having mini pamper evenings with bubble baths and face masks, all that jazz around four times a week at the moment, mainly because i've been feeling down and there's nothing like a good bath to make you feel better! that's where 'The comforter' from lush comes in, this little swirly bar of goodness smells like Ribena and makes your bath pink and bubbly, seriously would could be better than that? along with the whole bath theme I brought the Imperial leather sweet vanilla & Cherry blossom foamburst body wash earlier in the month and I think it's so dang cool, it's foams up like shaving foam but when you rub it onto your body is lathers up really nicely and it smells gorgeous, even Aaron's been enjoying using it this month! The cold weather has also really dried out my skin and i've been using the body shop's raspberry body butter in the evenings, it's thick and sweet smelling and leaves your skin feeling so smooth.

Trying to make my face look a little less dull this month has been a challenge, I started using the seventeen skin wow highlighter under my foundation and it just gives me that ooomph and glow I need in the colder months, it isn't greasy and makes my foundation glide on smoothly and can be used in a few different ways, I'll have a full review coming up of this soon, but for now i'll say it's an all around good product in my eyes. Instead of repurchasing my Benefit they're real! I thought I'd pick up the Maybelline falsies mascara again and i've really been enjoying it, it gives me long, voluminous lashes and it stays on all day. I thought i'd try something different on the brow front and brought the Anastasia brow wiz which really is as good as people say, the spoolie on one end is really good and not scratchy and the actual product has such a fine nib that you can create the appearance of hairs, it isn't too waxy but just looks so natural.
Last but not least a product i've raved about all month is the L'oreal volume supersizing spray, I adore this product for giving me texture and volume in my limp hair, I've used it nearly everyday and it's no where near being finished!

so those were my november favourites, what were yours?

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