Friday, 11 October 2013

Morning skincare routine

I like to keep my skincare basic and I always use the same products everyday, I find that If i try out too many products at once my skin doesn't like it and hell breaks loose!

The very first thing I do when I wake up is wash my face with the Clarins Pure melt cleansing gel, I also use this at night as I find it leaves my skin squeaky clean without making my skin feel tight, I wash this off with cold water because it helps wake me up in the morning and leaves my skin feeling refreshed.

Next up I tone my face with the L'oreal Micellar solution to remove any left over product or dirt, it's so gentle on the skin and doesn't leave my skin red or irritated like most toners make me, maybe I should branch out more in the world of micellar solutions? my skin clearly loves the L'oreal one!

Time for my serum of choice which is the Hydraluron... I have dehydrated skin and found that this product has really helped me retain moisture from using this every morning. At first when you apply it, it feels tacky and uncomfortable on the skin but that disappears as soon as you put a moisturiser on the top of it, this product just helps my skin look more plump and full of moisture!

Speaking of moisturising, I then go ahead and use an eye cream, and I'm currently using the Vitamin E Eye cream from the body shop and I love it, I've tried all of the body shops eye creams and this is the one I'd recommend the most as it actually leaves the under eye area feel smooth and not dry! I can't say that it massively reduces the appearance of under eye circles but that might just be because mine are massive 24/7 and can't find anything to help them a great deal.

Finally moisturiser, since it's started getting colder in the UK again i've gone back to using my Vitamin E moisture cream from the body shop as I feel like my skin needs that little bit of extra hydration during the colder months and it absorbs into my skin quickly which is perfect for me because i'm an impatient person who can't be dealing with waiting for my moisturiser to sink in!

whilst i'm on the subject of skincare, I will be posting an additional skincare products post soon which will include masks and treatments of all sorts!

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