Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Review | Soap and glory whipped clean shower butter

Soap & Glory whipped clean shower butter (£8.00)
I picked this up in Boots because they were doing an offer, if you spend £10 on selected soap and glory you get a free full size Butter yourself up body butter (£10.50)... so of course I had to do it, right? i've been eyeing this up for a couple of weeks now and decided to take the plunge, okay £8 for a shower butter/gel/wash seems a little steep for me, but I can say that i'll be 100% repurchasing this when it's finished.

Now, let me tell you something... this stuff smells amazing, it's the same scent as the Smoothie Star body lotion which smells oaty and sweet, not everyone's a fan of this so make sure you give it a sniff before you buy it! Soap & Glory nailed it right on the head where it says "shower butter" this stuff is SO moisturizing! I simply lathered this up all over my body and stepped out of the water for a minute or so, when I washed it off it made my skin feel so soft and smooth I couldn't believe it! I didn't need to whack on a moisturizer after I got out the shower! This will be the perfect companion for me when I can't be bothered to moisturize after showering, this little beauty has now taken it's rightful place in my shower and will remain there until it's finished and I can repurchase it!

Have you tried this product yet?

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