Tuesday, 20 May 2014

L'oreal Ever riche range

I'm sure everyone and their mum has heard about the L'oreal Ever riche shampoo and conditioner, I previously tried the 'very dry rebellious hair' option which I found to be a little too heavy and weighed my hair down quite a bit, I still used them on days where my hair felt extra dry but after finishing those tubes I moved onto the 'dry fine hair' option, which I didn't even know they did until I saw it on the shelves in Tesco! The dry fine hair range is supposed to be less intense but still nourishing, because with fine hair you don't want to add too much product as it can weigh it down and become greasy quickly. I'll be honest I'm not one to fuss around too much with my hair, I normally use herbal essences shampoos and conditioners and my idea of styling is quickly running the straighteners over my hair and pronouncing it finished. I do use a leave in conditioner and hair oil once I have washed my hair but other than that, nothing else really.

I absolutely love the packaging for them as they're in an easy squeezy tube which is a life saver when you're in the shower. I don't like the typical hard shampoo bottles where they're impossible to get the product out once it gets to the end of the bottle. secondly I would just like to say that this is the best smelling shampoo I have ever used it smells coconutty, yet of creamy vanilla and down right exotic and just beautiful. I found that the scent lingers on your hair as well as I have had quite a few compliments from people telling me that my hair smells nice. Now for the actual hair benefits, after I have washed my hair with the shampoo and conditioner my hair is left silky smooth with no flyaways, it's one of the best shampoos and conditioners I have used. Both the shampoo and conditioner contain natural botanical oils and no sulphates or parabens, which is extremely good for your hair because all sulphates dry out your hair which can lead to breakages in the future. For a shampoo that's as nourishing as it is, it really does make my hair feel clean and refreshed.

Now you may be wondering why the nourishing intense mask is looking a little bit battered to say the least, well it took a bread time, brute force and a very frustrated to open the pot. it took a whole 30 minutes with a lot of curse words to open it! the huge crack was where Aaron decided to stab the lid with a knife claiming that it may release any air that's trapped inside, therefore opening the pot... it didn't help. Anyway, the nourishing intense mask is a thick almost balm textured hair mask that nourishes the hair. after I applied this for 5 minutes after using the shampoo in the shower and did other shower-like tasks like shaving and washing... you get what I mean! once rinsed off my hair was left silky smooth and easy to run my tangle teazer through yet didn't weigh my hair down in the slightest, it was just left easily manageable and super soft. I did feel that the mask made my hair so soft that it looked a bit fluffy prior to styling, but that's alright as no one needs to see that...

Overall, these are honestly my favourite shampoo, conditioner and hair mask to date as I can't get enough of how they make my hair look and feel. definite winners in my books and I can see myself using all three of these products for a very long time.

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