Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bioderma Hydrabio Light Moisturising Cream 40ml

When browsing the Escentual sale back in early January I was looking for a new light moisturiser because mine just weren't that fabulous, to my surprise I found that they stocked Bioderma and got a little bit excited so I decided to pick up the Bioderma Hydrabio light moisturising cream (40ml) here which retails for £14. I can't quite remember how much of a discount I got off mine but Escentual often do some brilliant deals so be sure to keep an eye out for those! there are two variations of this product, the light cream which I have and the rich cream which can be found here, the rich cream is meant to be more hydrating and for dryer skin types, and the light cream is aimed at people with an oilier skin type. I don't particularly have oily skin but I can get a little bit shiny in my t-zone during the day and I don't like the feel of rich moisturisers on my skin all the time which is why I opted for the light variation. I apply this every morning after cleansing my skin and it sinks in extremely quickly, the product has a thin cream consistency and doesn't feel tacky on my skin. my skin feels plump and moisturised every time I use this and I liked that it's tailored for dehydrated skin, because there's a difference between dehydrated and dry skin so a thick moisturiser won't make a difference to dehydrated skin, just dry. now I can't tolerate highly fragranced moisturisers and this product has such a light, fresh smell that isn't offensive what-so-ever, it's really pleasant and you can't smell it once its on your skin. This product is aimed towards sensitive skin which mine can be sometimes and I have had no problems with it irritating my skin at all. I love that the packaging is hygienic and there's no dipping your fingers into pots and all of that nonsense, but whenever I go to dispense the product out of the pump it can shoot out so be aware of that and dispense it against your fingers and not from a bit of a distance. Overall, I really like this product yet have never stayed faithful to a moisturiser before so I may not repurchase this straight away but i'm pretty certain I will go back to it in the future, possibly in the summer time because that's when I feel it'll be the perfect day moisturiser.


  1. I used this 2 times and my skin broke out really badly. I can't be absolutely sure if it was this moisturiser but I'm scared to try it again. So I bought the La Roche Posay equivalent of this - LRP Hydraphase Intense Legere and I absolutely love it... Maybe you can try this next, it also has a better pump ;)

    Blu Button Box

    1. Oh no really?! I haven't had any breakouts really since using this, I used a la roche-posay moisturiser before and it run out so quickly but it was nice, i'll have to check it out! and yes, that damn pump haha! :)