Saturday, 5 October 2013

Benefit they're real!

Everyone and their mum goes on about how much they love this mascara, I kept telling myself I wasn't going to buy into the hype... but I brought it. this is actually my second tube and I repurchased it again and have finally decided to give my opinion on it.
It's the best mascara I have used so far, simple as that. The wand is hard plastic bristles with a ball on the end which makes it easy to grip and coat every single eyelash with mascara and because of the these bristles, I have personally found that this mascara doesn't clump at all on me.
It's extremely black and long lasting... and that's where the downfall comes in, it's very hard to get off at the end of the day with a normal makeup remover and cotton wool pad! I massage the Loreal 15 second miracle oil cleanser all over my face and eyes and it dissolved all my eye makeup and mascara easily, I have found that's the only way to get this mascara off effectively without tugging at my eyes.
I love the benefit packaging, and the whole brand as a whole. I love their products, especially this one I don't know how I went a couple of months without having this in my life.

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